The Rosset Research Institute, known also as the Roce or Rousse Group, is a research institute from Rosset, Apple Federal, home to the study of subjects such as physics and medicine. It is renowned for its rigorousness.[1]

Members Edit

Xinglin Bustup
Researcher (formerly)
Lady Nightingale Bustup
Lady Nightingale

History Edit

Year 668 Edit

During this year, Xinglin worked as a physics researcher at the Rosset Institute under the tutelage of her mentor, Lady Nightingale. Due to Xinglin's talent, she was commonly regarded as their best researcher and Nightingale's successor. However, Xinglin was not let in on the Institute's secrets, and did not know the true nature of the group she was working for. Though Nightingale knew, she simply turned a blind eye to their shadier deals.[1][2]

The Rosset Institute stole a blood sample from Lady Crescent, the wife of the powerful Chairman Schiller, during this year and discovered that she had a new and lethal virus. They developed a vaccine for the virus, but not out of charity. Instead, they brought it to Chairman Schiller and used it as a bargaining chip: they would only give him the vaccine if he gave them access to his treasure vault as well as the expensive diamond used in the White Blossom dress, Eris' Kiss. Schiller refused due to wanting to protect his vault's secrets.[3]

Xinglin, who was Crescent's best friend, discovered what had happened, approached Schiller, and offered to steal the vaccine for him. However, her attempt was unsuccessful and resulted in jail time as well as a massive smear campaign against her and her son Flynn.[3] By doing this, she effectively turned her back on her mentor Nightingale.[2]

Schiller was prepared at this point to surrender Eris' Kiss to the Rosset Institute, but at the last minute, Crescent called him and asked to wear the White Blossom once more. He suspected that there was another enemy of the Rosset Group that was keeping an eye on him and preventing the Eris' Kiss from falling into their hands.[3]

Crescent passed away due to the sickness. Representatives of the Rosset Institute came to her funeral to pay their respects, despite their prior actions.[3]

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