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This article is about the event. For the shoes, please see Rose Castle (Shoes).
Rose Castle Event

Ran from August 4 to August 10, 2019.

Deep inside the Pigeon Forest lies a deserted castle. Adventure into it with Cali and finds out the secret of it. Team up to complete quests and win event tokens to exchange suit.

Players will be shown a styling theme each day. Choose a partner and battle two other stylists to collect Thorny Rose ThornyRose. You get 5 for winning and 3 for losing. Collecting a certain amount of ThornyRose will allow you to obtain rewards like Stamina, Gold, and pieces of the Night Adventure and Night Rose Bride suits. You are given 5 free attempts daily and more attempts can be bought for 24 Diamond each.


1 - Midnight Rose BloomEdit

The rose is beautiful but thorny. Wear pure and elegant clothes to enter the ancient castle

  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant Cute Pure Cool

2 - Sunny Garden IllusionEdit

The day and night shift in a blink. A pair of gentle eyes found a naught lively girl

  • Style: Simple Lively Cute Pure Warm

3 - Rose Fairy's SecretEdit

The dignified and graceful girl lifts her hand and the white roses bloom instantly.

  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Warm

4 - Bustling MarketEdit

In the market, the man bought a rose hair clip and put it on the innocent cute girl's hair.

  • Style: Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Warm

5 - Moonlight PromiseEdit

On the balcony, the man kneels on one knee and made a promise to the girl in an exquisite suit.

  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Warm

6 - Firm FaithEdit

A great army stands silently outside the castle. The resolute mature man steps on the road.

  • Style: Simple Elegant Mature Pure Cool

7 - Full Moon BrideEdit

In cold moonlight, the girl in an exquisite beautiful wedding dress is waiting for her love.

  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Cool

Collection RewardsEdit

# CollectedReward
10Rose in Wind
40Elf Whisper
75Tide Adventure
110Man in Shadow
145Rift Explorer
180Mysterious Gradient
Unknown Cross
2155000 Gold
5 Diamond
255Night Raven
Chain of Truth
29020 Stamina
5 Diamond
330Purple Zone
Oath Forever
36515 Starlight Coin
10 Diamond
405Unarrived Dawn
Battlefield Smoke
4401 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket
10 Diamond
480Midnight Affection
Rose Coronet
5302 Wish Coupon
20 Diamond
590Moon Rose
Graceful Pace
6402 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket
20 Diamond
710Light and Stars
7603 Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket
3 Wish Coupon
830Night Castle
Rose Dew


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