Rolterdan, also known as Roeterdam, is a city in Apple Federal, best known for its role in the Nine-Day War. It is near the border of Apple and Pigeon Kingdom.[1]

History Edit

In the year 672, King Sayet passed away, leaving behind three treasures. Miraland nearly broke out into war over them, and decided to resolve the situation with a styling contest that lasted nine days. This was held in Rolterdan, with stylists coming from all over the continent to compete. However, two newcomers won the competition, Queen Elle from Pigeon and the mysterious Hostess L.[2]

Locations Edit

Nine-Day Twilight Edit

The Nine-Day Twilight (九日黄昏, Jiǔ rì huánghūn) site is where the Nine-Day War occurred. There is a monument erected to it here, which contains inscriptions that tell the history of the war.[3]

Museum Edit

The Rolterdan Museum (鲁尔特丹博物館, Lǔ ěr tè dān bówùguǎn) is a renowned art museum. It has over three million exhibits displaying the art history of the Apple Federation, and it showcases art, sculptures, designs, and apparel.[3]

Piero Theatre Edit

The Piero Theatre (派阿罗歌剧院, Pài ā luó gē jùyuàn) is the largest and oldest theatre in the Apple Federation. It is a large, magnificent building with a domed ceiling painted with murals.[3]

Ash Tree Institute of Design Edit

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Rolterdan
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 鲁尔特丹 (Lǔ ěr tè dān)
Korean Flag South Korea 루르시티 (Rureu siti)
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Roertedam

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References Edit

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