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From north to south, the eastern part of this country stretches across the Urpa Mountains. The canyon here, known as the wind valley, is the most humid place and gives birth to the largest forest on the continent - the wind valley forest.

For a very long period, Republic of Wasteland is isolated from the mainland and therefore its people retain an original way of life, fully ancient and mysterious.

With the worship of nature and gods, people here express natural and wild style of clothing. The country is famous for "the primitive and wild civilization in modern era."

Republic of Wasteland is one of the 7 Nations in Miraland. It is located southwest and secluded from other countries by Ulpa Mountains. Its people value nature and deity and are skilled at tribal and aboriginal style.

The emblem of Wasteland is circular and resembles a sun, with a face in the center.


In the past, the Republic of Wasteland lived without often interacting with the rest of Miraland. Due to this, they developed their own culture and traditions that they retain to this day.[2] They never cared about material wealth or power.[3] Knots were used to keep records of their history.[4] Tribes tended to hold ceremonies each year in which they would sacrifice design materials in order to gain greater ability in designing. Each tribe is also said to have its own totem and song.[5]


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Notable Locations[]

Chapter 13 Wasteland Exoticism.jpeg
The easternmost tribe of Wasteland, renowned for its fire dance and delicious barbecue.
Phantom in Desert Map.png
Mist Sand
Located in the middle desert of Wasteland. The annual Falcon Convention attracts people from all over.
Wind Deep
A tribe settled in the Wind Valley, where a griffin rider in the wind writes legends.
The mystic tribe dwells in the Windvale forest. It's rumored that they protect an artifact called the Miracle Scroll.
Unknown City 2.png
A small tribe in the woods that protects Windvale. It's said that their archpriest Imm can read prophecies from the wind.
Pale Morrow.png
Pale Morrow
Situated in the southern area, it's one of the oldest tribes. It retains lost symbols, writings and songs.
Unknown City 2.png
Taking advantage of climate and water resources, the tribe is considered to be the most advanced in the nation.
For a list of all locations, please see Wasteland Locations.


Tuda Bustup.png
The son of the Pota tribe's chief.
Unknown Person.png
The archpriest of the Whisper tribe.

Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Republic of Wasteland N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Terre Désolée Desolate Earth
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 荒原共和国 (Huāngyuán Gònghéguó) Wasteland Republic
Japanese Flag.png Japan ウェイストランド共和国 (U~eisutorando Kyōwakoku) Wasteland Republic
Korean Flag.png South Korea 샌드 왕국 (Saendeu Wang-gug) Sand Kingdom
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Republik Gurun Desert Republic
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Vương Quốc Đồng Cỏ Kingdom of Grasslands
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Republic of Wasteland N/A

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