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Reid Mercury, usually known as simply Reid, is a character in Love Nikki. He is the chairman of the Mercury Group, an influential financial group in Apple Federal.



Known as the 'modern man's outfit', suit is a necessity for every gentleman. Chairman of the Mercury Group, Reid, is no exception. Reid prefers simple designs, gray being the dominant hue without any unnecessary embellishments. The long straight lines are smooth and pure, and its expensive fabric and handmade tailoring give it a soft touch and gentle grace.

Only the real master can see the value of this suit at a glance.

— Reid's description in the Time Diary

Reid wears a simple black suit coat with a light grey vest along a silver thin chain with a little red-purple gem, blue dress shirt, and light silver tie; also he wears black derby shoes. He has short black hair and blue eyes.


Reid is a sly, charming man. He has a polite manner of speaking and clearly has used this to his advantage, but it's shown that he has a vengeful side: seeing his enemies defeated or trapped pleases him.[12]


Year 665[]

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Year 678[]

Reid worked as the senior design director at Rawding Academy during this year, and Kimi studied under him as she created a dress for an exhibition. The two of them did not have a close relationship, and Reid criticized Kimi's design when she asked for his opinion one month from said exhibition.[2] Some of Kimi's groupmates found this unfair since he didn't criticize the designs of other groups.[13]

Reid later went to visit Kimi where she was helping out at the Children's House, and they didn't talk about the design. Instead, they went back to where the children were and Kimi lit a sparkler for him at his request. Reid made animal shapes with them, surprising Kimi and wowing the kids.[14]

When Kimi later expressed her doubts and stresses about the upcoming exhibition, Reid reassured her, giving her a handkerchief and insisting that she needed a break.[15] Before he left, Reid gave a sakura-themed brooch to the children and asked them to give it to Kimi for him as a birthday present.[16] Following that, Reid and Kimi were much more friendly towards each other, surprising Kimi's classmates.[17]

Year 680[]

Reid and Kimi dancing at the White Blossom Banquet

After the League Tyr's attack on Cloud City, Reid joined forces with Nidhogg in a plot to steal the White Blossom.[18] He or those he was working with convinced Chairman Schiller to give up the dress,[19] and it was moved from the possession of the Apple Federation Apparel Group to the hands of Reid via a banquet called the White Blossom Banquet. At the banquet, he spotted Kimi in disguise, who was there to save the White Blossom. He danced with her, presumably to distract the crowd, while the White Blossom was stolen.[20]

When the dress was intercepted by Kimi, she used it to lure Reid to her and confront him about his motives. He still tried to persuade her to hand over the White Blossom, insisting that it would only bring danger to her and that he could help her be reunited with her father.[21]

At some point, Reid's father Rove Mercury became ill and, on his deathbed, officially transferred his leadership as the chairman of the group to him. Reid made a vow to not disappoint him. Just before his father passed away, he remarked on the similarity between Reid and his late brother, and they shared his last moment remembering him.[10]



Reid was the senior design director while Kimi attended Rawding Academy in the year 678. They had a frosty relationship, and Reid was more critical of her designs than he was with the designs of others.[13] However, after a heart-to-heart about their childhoods and the stresses Kimi was under,[15] they were friendly with each other.[17] Reid held Kimi and her happiness in high regard, considering he also gave her a sakura-themed brooch for her birthday[16] and began a tradition of fireworks at Rawding for her.[22]

Serving as the chairman to the Mercury Group, Reid generally did not interfere with the AAG's business out of respect for her, and she trusted him.[3] However, during the White Blossom Banquet, he pressured her into dancing with him while she is in disguise, and during the dance her hairband fell out and he kissed her (possibly to hide her face).[23] Still, Kimi seemed to believe he has her best interests at heart, saying that "there didn't seem to be a better solution".[20] When she realizes that Reid is the one behind the whole mess with the Apparel Group, she is bitterly disappointed, and she called trusting him "the most foolish thing [she] could have ever done".[18]


Hiber works for Reid as a model of the Mercury Group.[4] As a member of the Phantom Thief Family, she was also hired by him to steal the White Blossom from the White Blossom Banquet.[24][18]

Ead Mercury[]

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Rove Mercury[]

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  • "If you wish to make your opposition experience the most crushing sense of defeat, you must defeat them when they are strongest."
    — Reid in Dawn Front, Season 1.

  • "Everyone has secrets."
    — Reid in Timeline.

  • "Welton has many interesting places. Wanna hang around?"
  • "We meet again. How's Kimi recently?"
  • "Did you see that? The fireworks tonight are so beautiful."
  • "You have an innovative style."
  • "You look happy. Did anything good happen?"
    • "I won't be bound by the past. To me, that's being weak."
    • "Things that you have total control of often please you, for example, wealth and power."
    • "I've forgotten about those things."
    • "When a mask is worn long enough, it becomes your face."
    • "The nature of things may be completely different from what it looks like, so are people."
    • "If you find yourself stuck, just come to me. I'll gladly help you out."
    • "I knew these commissions were a piece of cake for you."
    • "Just as I expected, you completed the commission with ease."
    • "Aside from the work, don't forget to enjoy your life."
    • "If you want something, get it with your own hands."
    • "I've seen eyes that brim with desire and stupidity, but hers are different."
    • "Where there is light, there is shadow, only people don't see."
    • "The so-called fairness has never existed."
    • "What's exposed can be easily controlled, while the concealed gives you extra space."
    • "Truth and lies are not that different, it's just the name of whatever you choose to believe."
    • "Cream liquor tastes pleasantly mild, try it."
    • "Sorry, I have other things to attend to."
    • "What is it, do you need help?"
    • "If you are bored, go for a walk outside."
    • "Shh, Kimi is resting, let's not disturb her."

  • "Believe me. I mean no harm."
    — using Smile.
  • "Traders are those who sell dreams."
    — using Sleeping.

  • Name by Server[]

    Version Name (Romanized) Translation
    International.png International (English) Reid Mercury N/A
    France Flag.png International (French) Reid Mercure Reid Mercury
    Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 瑞德·墨丘利 (ruìdé mòqiūlì) Reid Mercury
    Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
    Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
    瑞德·墨丘利 (ruìdé mòqiūlì) Reid Mercury
    Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A


    • Reid's last name was unknown until the story from the Night Banquet suit was released, which revealed that his last name is Mercury.