Recharges are purchases in Love Nikki that give players rewards, typically Diamonds Diamond and VIP EXP VIP Exp, but occasionally suits, items, gold, dye, event currency, monthly cards Monthly Card, pavilion tickets Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket, and wish coupons Wish Coupon.

Types of Recharge

Direct Diamond Purchase

This recharge can always be found by clicking the + next to the number of Diamond you own. Here, you can purchase Diamond, VIP Exp and Monthly Card, as well as gain the suit Winter Angel.

Cost in US Dollars Diamonds Gained Additional Rewards
$1.99 100 Diamond
$4.99 260 Diamond Monthly Card Monthly Card
$9.99 550 Diamond
$19.99 1200 Diamond
$49.99 3100 Diamond
$99.99 6300 Diamond

Double Diamond Bonus: The first time you recharge at a certain tier, you will get twice the amount of Diamond. Note that this does not give you twice the amount of VIP Exp. This bonus can be applied once to each tier. Double diamond bonus resets every few months, so you can claim it again then by recharging again.

First Time Recharge: Your first direct diamond recharge at any tier will also give you the suit Winter Angel. This also resets every few months, so you can claim it again if you recharge after it resets.

Time-limited Pack


Time-limited packs show up on your sidebar every day with a purple gift box (pictured to the right). In it, you can purchase a randomized pack that may contain various materials and tickets as well as Diamond and VIP Exp. They change every day at the end of the countdown time listed. For this reason, they are sometimes referred to as "Countdown Packs".

Suits available from Time-limited Pack:

Other items available:

These became available as of September 2, 2017.[1]

Cumulative Recharge

In a cumulative recharge event, purchase Diamond to claim parts of a suit or a full suit. The more that is recharged, the more items and suits are gained.

  • Packs that were purchased previously but have not yet been opened count towards a Cumulative Recharge.
  • Though cumulative recharges say that they count how many Diamond were recharged, they actually count VIP Exp. Double diamonds do not count towards cumulative recharges, and when buying packs from the User's Shop, the VIP exp is what counts towards the total.
  • You can combine different recharge amounts and the diamonds will stack together to help you meet the cost. For example, to reach a 520Diamond level, you could purchase 260Diamond twice, or purchase 550Diamond once.
  • IMPORTANT: Sometimes Cumulative Recharges stay on the sidebar for a few days after they have ended. Always check the date it ends before spending money on a Cumulative Recharge.

Top-Up At One Go Event

During a top-up at one go event, if you purchase diamonds equaling or exceeding the amount needed in one purchase, you will gain the offered suit. Generally, only direct diamond purchases work for this event.[2]

For example, a top up event might say to purchase diamonds valued at $4.99 or over to gain the suit. You could purchase any amount from the chart shown above starting from $4.99 and going all the way to the $99.99 purchase to gain the suit, but you could never get the suit by using the $1.99 button, no matter how much you spent.

Zodiac Lucky Pack

A Zodiac Lucky Pack is a way to purchase items, suits, or a randomized amount of materials. There are two packs offered every day, and like the Time-limited Packs, the packs offered change after the day is over. They are offered in several tiers with prices ranging from $0.99 to $9.99.

The drops from a Zodiac Pack are not guaranteed; rather, the game presents a list of materials and currency you could win upon opening the packs. The more expensive the pack, the higher the chance you’ll have to get the suit. The list is different for each pack.

Like other recharges, the packs will always offer a set amount of Diamond and VIP Exp depending on how expensive the pack is. These do not have a chance element to them.

Suits available long-term from Zodiac Lucky Packs:

The first Zodiac Lucky Pack suit, Celebrity's Choice, was available from May 31th to July 3rd, 2018.


In the Boutique, you can purchase various suits available for a limited time, along with other resources. Suits that may have previously been available through a different recharge method, such as Cumulative Recharge, may eventually come back via the Boutique for an equivalent amount of money.

User's Shop

In the User's Shop, you can purchase currency, event currency, or sometimes entire suits for real money or Diamonds Diamond. Though the currency sold in the User's Shop does not change, the specific items offered there will come and go. For more information, please see the page User's Shop.

1 USD Sale

Occasionally, a single item is offered for a limited time for $1. These items will generally come back for crafting after a while.[3] Like other recharges, it also offers a small amount of Diamond and VIP Exp.

Secret Shop

The Secret Shop is a recharge feature introduced on January 11th, 2019. It tends to only appear between event periods and offers various recharge suits for purchase again. Players get one refresh per day, allowing them to get a chance to purchase a different suit than the one initially offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never recharged before. What's the best type of recharge to buy?

Diamonds: Generally, the best diamond per dollar value will be the $4.99 purchase of 260 diamonds and a monthly card Monthly Card. This will get you 260Diamond upfront, and 30 days of collecting 60 diamonds everyday in your Daily Quests. Those daily diamonds turn out to be 1800Diamond. 1800 + 260 is 2060 diamonds overall for $4.99, or 412Diamond per dollar. If Double Diamonds are active (which is marked by a red x2 next to the price), you will get 1800 + 520, or 2320 diamonds overall (464Diamond per dollar).

Suits: This is generally subjective, and depends mostly on how much you like the style of the suit! If you are curious about the stats of the suit, Nikki's Info is a good resource. To find a new suit that has been introduced, navigate to the "What's New" section and find the recharge suit so that you can look at its stats.[4]

How does a Monthly Card work?

A Monthly Card Monthly Card is an item that will enable a daily quest awarding 60Diamond and 10 Activeness Points every day for 30 days. Purchasing multiple Monthly Cards does NOT mean that you will get 120Diamond a day. Rather, it WILL add 30 more days onto the end of your existing Monthly Card. For example, 2 Monthly Card means 60Diamond per day for 60 days. Monthly cards can only be purchased with $4.99 direct diamond recharges and in certain other $4.99 recharge events.

I spent money, so why didn't I get the suit from the Cumulative Recharge?

Cumulative Recharges are left up in the game for several days after they finish. This is in order to make sure anyone who recharged and forgot to claim their suit can still make sure they get it.

Before recharging for any limited recharge event, ALWAYS check the date it has displayed. Remember that the date and time shown are in server time, which is also displayed at the bottom left of your screen. Compare the two times and dates: if the server time is AFTER the end time of the recharge event, you will NOT get the recharge suits.

How do I hold packs in my mailbox?

Some users will keep recharge packs in their mailbox without opening it unless a Cumulative Recharge is active. This way, the VIP EXP VIP Exp in the pack is counted towards the Cumulative Recharge. This is because for packs that show up in your mailbox, the time you open the pack is what is counted, not the time you actually purchased it.

Direct Diamond purchases cannot be held in the mailbox, as they are instantaneous purchases. Time-Limited Packs can be held in the mailbox. Purchases from the Boutique can also be held in the mailbox.

To save a pack in your mailbox, you can spend the money and purchase it at any time, but make sure you don't open it until a Cumulative Recharge event begins. Keep an eye on the expiration date as well, and make sure to open it before the pack expires and disappears.

If I buy something once, will it continue to take money later?

No, all purchases are one-time transactions, and none of them are subscription-based. You will never have to cancel a subscription after buying any recharge.

Do VIP levels expire?

No, once you reach a VIP level it will never decrease.

If I use a rename card, can I choose any name I want?

No, you can only choose a name that isn't used by anyone else yet. Though there exist players with the same name, it is because at the beginning of the game, you can choose names that are already used.

Any more questions? Leave them in the comments and we will do our best to address them.


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