Rabbit Sweet is a 4 Seasons suit that could be obtained via the Fantasy Workshop. It portraits one of Debbie's outfits.

Completion Prize: 40 Diamond.png

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Lore[edit | edit source]

Cupcake is handy and delicious. The braid is simple and sweet!

Bows and polka dots, cotton candy and hot cocoa, bunnies and Debbie... It's all very fit and lovely, isn't it?
White Clouds Poem

'Light cream brings a smooth texture. Mount the cream in a lotus...' 'Debbie, stop designing while baking!'
Frosting Cream

This pair of leather shoes may look plain, but Debbie added bunny ears and bunny tails to it.
Rabbit Dance

Why do you want to design new bunny ear accessories? Because polka dot and bunny ears are never enough!
Polka Bunny Ears

The first time Debbie saw this bag, she wondered is it more like cotton candy or milk fudge?
Rabbit Sweet

The cupcake decorated with fondant is more delicious and cuter, just like the purple braid.
Fondant Cake

Dark night and red wine, cream and lace, gingerbread man and Debbie... It's all very fit and lovely!
Poem of Darkness

What color do you want? Blue is lovely, but wine red is elegant...' Debbie! Don't draw when making cakes!'
Brown Sugar

Every time Debbie jumped up and tried to fight back Mela, Mela felt like she was a bunny.
Rabbit Jump

Mela took Debbie's bunny ear headdress off and petted her head, 'Do you want to be taller with it?'
Wine Red Bunny Ear

Debbie never had a liqueur cotton candy and she thought it must be strange. To her surprise, it's not bad.
Liquor Candy

The suit is about Debbie baking. She has a tendency to design while she bakes, speaking aloud as she trails off into ideas about texture and color related to what she's baking.

She wore this bunny suit, adding features like bunny ears and bunny tails to it. Debbie is much shorter than Mela, another member of the Iron Rose, so whenever Debbie would try and fight Mela, the sight of the smaller girl jumping up with a bunny ear headdress made Mela think she looked like a bunny. Mela took her bunny ears off and teased her by asking, "Do you want to be taller with it?"

Etymology[edit source]

Name by Server[edit source]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Rabbit Sweet N/A
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 白兔糖 (bái tù táng) White Rabbit Candy
Japanese Flag.png Japan キャンディラビット (Kyandirabitto) Candy Rabbit
Korean Flag.png South Korea 흰토끼 캔디 (huintokki kaendi) White Rabbit Candy
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Kẹo Thỏ Rabbit Candy
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Rabbit Candy N/A
Thailand Flag.png Thailand แคนดี้กระต่าย (Khæn dī̂ krat̀āy) Candy Bunny
  • "White Rabbit Candy" is a milk candy, popular in Asia since the 1950s.
  • The International server's name uses "sweet" which can also refer to candy.

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