Queen Night, previously known as Night's Queen, is a Story Suit that can be obtained from the Evernight's Dream Event.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Samsara, Queen Night, and 50 Diamond.png.

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Lore[edit | edit source]

Night in Heart

She follows the order of day and night
To bring her people dark and light
People praise softness of Dawn
Yet blame nightmare to Night
Behind the Princess' gentle smiles
The Queen chants the curse
The night befalls
In the dark night that never ends
She waits for the salvation
Dawn and Night was one
But dark always hides in human hearts
Like light always goes with shadow

The clock has stopped and people fell asleep. Under the milky way is a quiet slumber.
Light in Night

With sorrow comes joy, with despair hope exists. With shadow light shines.

Remember, it's not the night that brings the dark, but the shadow of daylight.
Evernight Monologue

The queen who masters the night drops the curtain, the princess of light fell eternal sleep.
Queen Night

Dream butterfly flies in the giant transparent cocoon, weaving countless dreams.
Dream Butterfly

Have you heard the talk of butterfly in silence? Have you seen the white piece in the wind?
Butterfly in Dream

Nobody likes sorrow or despair, and dark night either. People love dawn but fear the dark night.
Night Royal Crown

In the Evernight, there is only silent moonlight and fractured galaxy.
Star Bracelet

Sleep, sleep, my citizens, my kingdom, and my princess.
Moon Crutch

The whole city has fallen into a bottomless abyss, leaving only wings in dark galaxy.
Abyss Wings

Sometimes, I cannot tell who I am, reality from dream, the smile from cry.
Dark Night

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See also: Princess Dawn, Evernight's Dream, and Minor Subplots/Evernight's Dream.

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