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Queen Elle
Aliases Pigeon Queen
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
Professional Statistics
Occupation Queen of the Pigeon Kingdom
Leader of the Iron Roses Stylist Group
Affiliation Pigeon Kingdom
Personal Status
Relatives Ace (sister)
Voice Actors

Queen Elle (sometimes spelled Ayli) is an antagonist in Love Nikki. She is the queen of Pigeon Kingdom and leader of the Iron Rose Stylist Legion.



Queen Elle is a slender, pale, beautiful woman in her mid 20's who has dark purple hair and purple eyes. She tends to wear elegant dresses in dark and red tones, plus either a golden tiara or a golden crown.


Little is known about Elle as a person, but her reputation seems to be that of a ruthless yet efficient and charismatic ruler, as well as a talented stylist. For these reasons, she is very well-loved in the Pigeon lands yet feared near everywhere else, especially in Queen Nanari's Lilith Kingdom.


Year 672 Edit

When Elle was 16 and still the crown princess, she competed in the styling contest known as the Nine Day's War and won two of King Sayet's treasures, having only lost the third one to the mysterious newcomer, "Hostess L". This led her to be known as the "Reincarnated Goddess" and put Pigeon at the center of Miraland politics.

Year 676 Edit

When Elle was 20, she was crowned queen of the Pigeon Kingdom. She lost no time in forming her Iron Rose Stylist Legion afterwards, whose members she had traveling throughout Miraland stealing designs and committing many other dubious acts in her name. At some point they held a victory banquet for the Iron Rose Stylist Legion, at which Elle wore Bling Leaves.

Some theorized that Elle founded the Iron Rose for Hostess L, the other winner of the Nine Day's War[1].

Year 680 Edit

In this year, the people of Pigeon Kingdom still respected and admired Queen Elle despite the Iron Rose's dubious acts, which struck fear into most others in Miraland[2]. Her influence was far reaching, and in her honor roses were planted in manors and gardens all over Pigeon[3].

Elle ordered Mela to strike a deal with the Mayor of Moonlit City, in order to have the prized wares of the City itself. The Mayor counteracted this via pretending to side with Pigeon, then tricking Mela and her group into taking fake crafts instead[4]. Ransa, acting under Elle, went to the Republic of Wasteland and drugged Tuda's father in order to obtain power and designs[5].

When the Northern Kingdom broke the years-long truce, directly attacked the Cloud Empire, and later made an alliance with the Apple Federation, Elle sent out three of the Iron Roses (Mela, Ransa, and Sherry, though Debbie was meant to go as well) to both protect Nikki from Nidhogg, the leader of the Northern army, and loan her a powerful sword known as the Dawnblade, which allowed her to defeat said leader.

She has been mentioned in the Prologue and by some characters in the story but does not appear until Volume 2, Chapter 1.

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References Edit

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