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This "practice level" takes place at the very beginning of the game, right after the prologue. Nikki and Momo are spirited into Miraland by Queen Nanari from the Lilith Kingdom, who gives her clothes and asks her to have a brief styling contest with her. It serves as one of the first explanations of the most basic game mechanics.

Introduction text[]

Year 672 of New Era
King Sayet passed away, leaving three legacies behind.
To fight for treasures, nations were on the verge of war.
Finally, they decide the ownership through styling contest...
The contest was held in Roertedam. It lasted for 9 days.
Matches were carried out.
The intensity was beyond the imagination.
It is known as 'the Nine-Day War'.
None of the master stylists won the contest.
The final winners were two new comers
Princess Elle of Pigeon
And a common girl with pink hair.
The 16-years-old Princess Elle won two legacy works,
and she was referred to as 'the Reincarnated Goddess'.
The girl who called herself 'Hostess L' won the last legacy. She disappeared after the contest.
In year 676 of New Era, the 20-years-old Elle inherited the throne, and started the Era of Iron-and-Blood Queen.
Queen Elle ordered to establish the Iron Rose Stylist Legion.
They started to seize clothes parts across the whole continent...



  • Nikki: Momo, it seems like we have come to a very strange place. Ah! Look, over there!
  • Shadow: Nikki, welcome to Miraland.
  • Shadow: I am Nanari, queen of the Lilith Kingdom. I summoned you here to change the fate of this world...
  • Momo: Wow! So my grandpa's grandpa didn't lie to my grandpa after all! On another dimension of the earth, there really exists a world full of cities which worship design and styling.
  • Nikki: Oh, greetings, your majesty!
  • Nikki: You said I'm here to change...the fate of this place?
  • Queen's Shadow: You will understand in the future.
  • Queen's Shadow: First, I will give you some everyday clothes that can be worn on all sorts of occasions.
  • Queen's Shadow: Let us have a styling competition presenting neat and simple daily attire.
  • Queen's Shadow: So, show me your talent.


Then follows a tutorial that tells you how to use the wardrobe and explains how the battle works.


  • Queen's Shadow: Well done, Nikki. I'm not strong enough to accompany you all the way.
  • Queen's Shadow: But please trust me, your fate awaits you on this journey...


The tutorial guides you then to V1: 1-1 Sport Girl Aron (1).