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Poem of Spring is a Pigeon suit that could be obtained via a Recharge of 1,200 Starry Rocks.png from May 17th to the 29th, 2022.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Sleep-talking in Twilight, Praise of Spring, Poem of Spring, and 30 Diamonds.

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  • Hair: Story of Shimmer
  • Dress: Light through Cyan Crystal
  • Leglet: Flying Light
  • Shoes: Hearing the String
  • Hair Ornament: Dance of Grace
  • Hairpin: Like the Morning Flowers
  • Earrings: Honeyed Talk of Wind
  • Necklace: Tiny Passing Things
  • Bracelet (Left): Glow throughout Time
  • Brooch: Affectionate Words from Spring
  • Foreground: Serene Morning Dream
  • Head Ornament: Stacked Dreams
  • Ground: Mist as Feathers
  • Makeup: Dancing Crystal

Alternative Series (Posed)[]

  • Hair: Sleep-talking in Twilight
  • Dress: Praise of Spring
  • Hair Ornament: Dance of Grace
  • Hairpin: Like the Morning Flowers
  • Earrings: Honeyed Talk of Wind
  • Foreground: Serene Morning Dream
  • Ground: Mist as Feathers
  • Makeup: Dancing Crystal


Item Descriptions[]

The snow melts into the spring breeze, and this land wakes up as before. Born with life, there are also soft poems.
Story of Shimmer

Spring is Livia's favorite. The tender grass sprouts break out of the ground like the beginning of the story.
Light through Cyan Crystal

Everyone knows that in the spring afternoon, Livia could be found meditating with her notebook in the garden.
Hearing the String

Livia depicts a spring day full of flowers... The seemingly insignificant moments constitute her gorgeous poems.
Dance of Grace

For Livia, poetry is notes made of words, and pictures drawn by rhythm. A bigger world is hidden in short stanzas.
Like the Morning Flowers

Everything Livia described in the poem is so beautiful, but life is not a poem, there are also harsh winters.
Affectionate Words from Spring

Livia is always quiet and gentle. When young people talk to her, they can't help but pour out their troubles to her.
Stacked Dreams

Livia, who is obsessed with poetry, seems out of place with the others. She always finds happiness in a simple stanza.
Tiny Passing Things

When the young people's dreams are shaken, they may question whether there is a path of their own in the world.
Honeyed Talk of Wind

The poet is not as immature as she seems, and in those lonely and splendid years, she has found her own direction.
Flying Light

Every heart grows gradually in a struggle. Scars could be healed with time; painful experience is a must for everyone.
Mist as Feathers

Livia hopes that everyone will believe that there is no set path, and all the hard work will lead to a unique future.
Serene Morning Dream

Every conversation allows them to see a new side of Livia, a poet who is born romantic, but also an adventurer.
Glow throughout Time

When saying goodbye to Livia, young people always see the romantic flower Sea that belongs to spring.
Dancing Crystal

They will pursue an unknown road, and there will also be poems of courage that belong to everyone.
Sleep-talking in Twilight

Perhaps later they will read a poem by chance that touches their hearts, written by the one they are familiar with.
Praise of Spring


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Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Poem of Spring N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Ode au printemps Ode to Spring
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 春日颂诗 (chūnrì sòng shī) Ode to Spring
Japanese Flag.png Japan 春の讃歌 (haru no sanka) Spring Hymn
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A