Poem of Sail and Sea 1
Poem of Sail and Sea was a time-limited Wish Court pavilion that ran from June 14th to June 20th, 2019.

Getting all items unlocked the Little Sailor In the Sun chibi.

List of FurnitureEdit

Super Rare Furniture H6Edit

Icon Name Style Type
WeekendofCoralIsland Weekend of Coral Island Lilith Tag Window

5-star Super Rare H5Edit

Icon Name Style Type
ChurchofIsland Church of Island Lilith Tag Ornament
BuffetBBQ Buffet BBQ Lilith Tag Kitchen
TheBoatofFriendship The Boat of Friendship Lilith Tag Bed

4-star Treasured H4Edit

Icon Name Style Type
MykonossBeach Mykonos's Beach Lilith Tag Stairs
MorningBreezebytheSea Morning Breeze by the Sea Lilith Tag Wall
EmbracetheOcean Embrace the Ocean Lilith Tag Floor
Absolutely0Degree Absolutely 0 Degree Lilith Tag Major Appliance
SardinesBookcase Sardines Bookcase Lilith Tag Wall Decor
ParadiseCoast Paradise Coast Lilith Tag Carpet
WhaleShelf Whale Shelf Lilith Tag Wall Decor
HorrorofSaltedFish Horror of Salted Fish Lilith Tag Wall Decor
BillowingWaves Billowing Waves Lilith Tag Carpet
SharkNotes Shark Notes Lilith Tag Cabinet
LazyStripes Lazy Stripes Lilith Tag Chair
MorningSeaBreeze Morning Sea Breeze Lilith Tag Table

3-star Treasured H3Edit

Icon Name Style Type
LighthouseandSailWind Lighthouse and Sail Wind Lilith Tag Major Appliance
FishermanCubs Fisherman Cubs Lilith Tag Ornament
TheSeaandtheFruitPlate The Sea and the Fruit Plate Lilith Tag Ornament
WhiteUmbrella White Umbrella Lilith Tag Ornament
BackGarden Back Garden Lilith Tag Plant
TheStuffedKing The Stuffed King Lilith Tag Ornament
Marine Marine Lilith Tag Wall Decor
UnmannedSeaside Unmanned Seaside Lilith Tag Carpet
WavesBreaker Waves Breaker Lilith Tag Ornament
BreakfastCart Breakfast Cart Lilith Tag Ornament
BeachCollection Beach Collection Lilith Tag Wall Decor
AnchorLowSofa Anchor Low Sofa Lilith Tag Chair
WhiteWhaleWoodenChair White Whale Wooden Chair Lilith Tag Chair
JibCabinet Jib Cabinet Lilith Tag Cabinet

Gallery Edit

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