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Pine Pavilion is a long-term Wish Court pavilion where players can wish (draw) to obtain furniture. The player can wish once for free every 48 hours. A normal wish costs 40 Diamonds Diamonds. Five wishes may be made at one time for 200 Diamonds Diamonds. First time wishes are 50% off. This guarantees 4-5 heart furniture. The player can also use Wish Tickets to draw without paying Diamonds Diamonds.

A cumulative Heart Ticket Heart Ticket.png expenditure event was available when the pavilion was first introduced, which allowed players to gain the Foggy Lotus chibi.

List of Furniture[]

Super Rare Furniture H6.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
MoonGateIcon.png Moon Gate Cloud Tag.png Door
PoolandWindowIcon.png Pool and Window Cloud Tag.png Wall Decor
PineTreeInvitationIcon.png Pine Tree Invitation Cloud Tag.png Ornament

5-star Super Rare H5.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
TranquilWindowIcon.png Tranquil Window Cloud Tag.png Window
SparklingShallowPoolIcon.png Sparkling Shallow Pool Cloud Tag.png Carpet
RecessedWoodShelfIcon.png Recessed Wood Shelf Cloud Tag.png Wall Decor
CarvedWoodSofa-LongIcon.png Carved Wood Sofa - Long Cloud Tag.png Chair
WhitePlumLoungeIcon.png White Plum Lounge Cloud Tag.png Bed
PlumSeaTableIcon.png Plum Tea Table Cloud Tag.png Table

4-star Treasured H4.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
LongingforHomeIcon.png Longing for Home Cloud Tag.png Wall
GroundFrostIcon.png Ground Frost Cloud Tag.png Floor
MultilayerGarmentRackIcon.png Multilayer Garment Rack Cloud Tag.png Cabinet
PaperLamp-TallIcon.png Paper Lamp - Tall Cloud Tag.png Major Appliance
PlumBlossomPictureIcon.png Plum Blossom Picture Cloud Tag.png Wall Decor
ScreenLampIcon.png Screen Lamp Cloud Tag.png Wall Decor
WaterPatternGreyMatIcon.png Water Pattern Grey Mat Cloud Tag.png Carpet
PineBlossomWindowIcon.png Plum Blossom Window Cloud Tag.png Ornament
WhitePebblesIcon.png White Pebbles Cloud Tag.png Carpet
CarvedWoodenScreenIcon.png Carved Wooden Screen Cloud Tag.png Ornament
PaintingCageIcon.png Painting Cage Cloud Tag.png Ornament
WhitePlumAromaIcon.png White Plum Aroma Cloud Tag.png Ornament
CalligraphyScrollIcon.png Calligraphy Scroll Cloud Tag.png Wall Decor
AustereSoftMatIcon.png Austere Soft Mat Cloud Tag.png Carpet
BlueClothTableIcon.png Blue Cloth Table Cloud Tag.png Table
SoftHollowBenchIcon.png Soft Hollow Bench Cloud Tag.png Chair
MysteriousWoodCabinetIcon.png Mysterious Wood Cabinet Cloud Tag.png Cabinet
NarrowWoodenBedIcon.png Narrow Wooden Bed Cloud Tag.png Chair
CarvedWoodSofa-ShortIcon.png Carved Wood Sofa - Short Cloud Tag.png Chair
LowWoodenCabinetIcon.png Low Wooden Cabinet Cloud Tag.png Table
CloudTeaTableIcon.png Cloud Tea Table Cloud Tag.png Table

3-star Treasured H3.png[]

Icon Name Style Type
BlueBottleLampIcon.png Blue Bottle Lamp Cloud Tag.png Small Appliance
PaperLamp-ShortIcon.png Paper Lamp - Short Cloud Tag.png Small Appliance
PaperLamp-LongIcon.png Paper Lamp - Long Cloud Tag.png Small Appliance
SoftSlippersIcon.png Soft Slippers Cloud Tag.png Ornament
FragranceofBooksIcon.png Fragrance of Books Cloud Tag.png Ornament
ElegantWhiteVaseIcon.png Elegant White Vase Cloud Tag.png Ornament
InkBranchIcon.png Ink Branch Cloud Tag.png Plant
BicolorBodyWashIcon.png Bicolor Body Wash Cloud Tag.png Ornament
RattanBasketIcon.png Rattan Basket Cloud Tag.png Ornament
WoodenFloorMirrorIcon.png Wooden Floor Mirror Cloud Tag.png Ornament
ASipIcon.png A Sip Cloud Tag.png Ornament
FaintAromaIcon.png Faint Aroma Cloud Tag.png Ornament
LotusPond-PaintingIcon.png Lotus Pond - Painting Cloud Tag.png Wall Decor
LotusPond-PoetryIcon.png Lotus Pond - Poetry Cloud Tag.png Wall Decor
OpenedbyWindIcon.png Opened by Wind Cloud Tag.png Ornament
ThreeTierWoodenCabinetIcon.png Three Tier Wooden Cabinet Cloud Tag.png Cabinet
Square Storage Box ICON.png Square Storage Box Cloud Tag.png Table
HighLegSquareStoolIcon.png High Leg Square Stool Cloud Tag.png Cabinet
ClassicArmchairIcon.png Classic Armchair Cloud Tag.png Chair
ClassicLowTableIcon.png Classic Low Table Cloud Tag.png Chair


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Pine Pavilion N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Pavillon des Pins Pine Tree Pavilion
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A