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Pigeon Kingdom Symbol.JPG
Located in the south of the mainland, the Pigeon Kingdom has rich forest and marine resources and mild and moist climate.

People live in manors and ancient cities, participating in prom and outing - regardless of nobility and civilians, Pigeon people meet themselves with the most classical and decent way of life.

Under the rule of Queen Elle and her Iron Rose, this fantasy kingdom gets much attention, known as "a fantasy kingdom mixing elf, dwarves, human and Goblin in a harmonious way."

Pigeon Kingdom is one of the 7 Nations in Miraland. It is ruled by Queen Elle.

Pigeon Kingdom is founded in the south part of Miraland. Its residents prefer complex magic style. It's 'a holy fantasy kingdom where elves, dwarves, humans and goblins live in harmony'. Many Kindred also live in Pigeon.

The emblem resembles an oval-shaped window with an ornate border that has gems hanging from the bottom and a flower-shaped top that has a cursive P in the middle. A pigeon design is drawn in the middle. Surrounding this shape are large wings with ornate details.


Star Era[]

Pigeon Kingdom was founded in the year 1184 of the Star Era by the light elf Ludwig, who united Ancient Pigeon as its king.[2] The Pigeon Kingdom is said to have been chosen by the elves and humans, who cooperated to build the nation together.[3]

New Era[]

The kingdom went through a medieval period, in which religious mysticism dominated and the progress of art and science slowed. It was considered Pigeon's darkest and most twisted time period.[4] The entire kingdom was war-torn, and people struggled to survive.[5]

The Renaissance followed beginning in Year 134,[6] which brought the kingdom to an age of peace through the efforts of both the elves and humans. Though the era is still a topic of academic discussion in the present time, it's said that art, music, and architecture dominated the Renaissance time period.[4] Despite periods of unrest, the people of Pigeon kept an optimistic perspective about the future of Pigeon.[7]

In the year 147, as a result of an event called the "Theft of the Holy Crystal", the light elves lost the ability to rule Pigeon. The current Elf King Herman abdicated the throne. A year later, the human noble family of Hervis became the new rulers of the Pigeon Kingdom.[6]

The golden age of invention in Pigeon was known as the Age of Steam.[8] It was known for its advances in technology and mathematics, especially in the machines that began to become commonplace.[9] The surge in inventions continued even through the year 680, never quite dying out.[8] The Pigeon Museum collects many relics and manuscripts from this time period and keeps them on display.[7][9]

Princess Elle was born in the year 656 to the Old King and Queen of Pigeon. She was the princess of the kingdom, and had a sister, Ace. During their childhood, their father the King fell ill, which greatly affected Elle.[10]

She was crowned Queen of Pigeon in the year 676, at the age of 20, by the archbishop of the Pigeon church.[11][12] She went on to create a group of stylists known as the Iron Rose Stylist Legion, who traveled around Miraland in search of design materials to craft one of King Sayet's treasures that she won in the Nine-Day War four years prior.[11][13]


Pigeon Kingdom Map.JPG
Pigeon Kingdom.png

Notable Locations[]

Volume 2 Chapter 1 map.png
The capital city of Oren and the home of the royal family.
Harp Falls Day.png
Pigeon Forest
A large forest which is home to the elves, dwarves, and many other creatures.
Red Moon Lake.png
Shadow City
The world on the other side of the lake, which is home to the Kindred after they were exiled.
Eprido Marina Day.jpg
Port Eprido
A port located in the eastern gulf of Pigeon.
Season of Harvest Ground.png
Wing Manor
A pleasant manor near the Pigeon Forest. The people there lead pastoral lifestyles.
Unknown City.png
A town in northern Pigeon. People there lead nature-oriented lifestyles.
Unknown City 2.png
Home to Pigeon Kingdom's world-famous library. It's said any book can be found here.
Unknown City 2.png
A small town in southern Pigeon, famous for its champagne named Blossom of Eberne.
Unknown City 2.png
A dwarf city at the base of the Renieve Snowpeaks.
For a list of all locations, please see Pigeon Locations.


Ace Bustup.png
A traveling swordsman who befriends Nikki. She's also the younger sister of Queen Elle.
Queen Elle Bustup.png
Queen Elle
The current Queen of Pigeon, and the former leader of the Iron Rose Stylist Legion.
Chloris Bustup.png
The Prince of Forest Elves and a guardian of the Pigeon Forest.
Cesare Bustup.png
The current Lord of Kindred and the brother of Chloris. He was exiled to Shadow City when he was young.
Mela Bustup.png
A member of the Iron Rose. She's fierce and free-spirited.
Ransa Bustup.png
A member of the Iron Rose. She's independent and comes from a revered clan before running away.
Debbie Bustup.png
A member of the Iron Rose. She's competitive and book-smart, and she becomes a good friend of Nikki's.
Sherry Bustup.png
An ex-member of the Iron Rose. She's mysterious and cold, and remains loyal to Queen Elle.
Unknown Person.png
A bored countess who runs a popular gossip column.
Elaine Bustup.png
A healer from the Pigeon Forest and the older sister of Rachel. Lived in Shadow City for a thousand years.
Rachel Bustup.png
A healer from the Pigeon Forest and the younger sister of Elaine.
An elf that serves as the master of a mirror world. He traps people inside with promises of granting their desires.
For a list of all characters, please see Pigeon Characters.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Pigeon Kingdom N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Royaume de la Colombe Kingdom of the Dove
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 信鸽王国 (Xìngē Wángguó) Pigeon Kingdom
Japanese Flag.png Japan カルファ王国 (Karufa ōkoku) Kalfa KingdomCT
Korean Flag.png South Korea 카나리아 왕국 (Kanalia Wang-gug) Canary Kingdom
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Kerajaan Merpati Pigeon Kingdom
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Vương quốc Bồ Câu Kingdom of Dove
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Pigeon Kingdom N/A


  • In Pigeon, it's said that if a white pigeon lands on your shoulder, you'll become the best designer.[14]
  • There's a famous cafe called the Postcard Café in Pigeon.[15]
  • Pigeon Kingdom was mentioned back in the second game of the series, Hello Nikki, which took place on Earth. The hair no. 310, Little Elf, mentioned that elves came from a distant country called Pigeon.[16]

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