Pigeon Forest
Nation: Pigeon Kingdom
Residents: Chloris
Casablanca (formerly)

Pigeon Forest is a large forest in Pigeon Kingdom that is home to the Elves, as well as a number of other species.

Description Edit

The forest is secluded from the influence of the Pigeon cities and is covered by a misty haze.[2] Every winter it experiences snow, brought in by a wind called the White Wind.[3] The snow begins to melt around February.[4]

There is a darker part of the forest, where the Dark Elves live.[2] Even deeper in the forest is where the powerful and beautiful Snow Lotus Elves live.[5]

Behind the forest, there is an azure sea where jellyfish swim.[6] On the border of the forest, there is a castle inhabited by Miss Anna.[7] Other animals that live in the Pigeon Forest are a lion[8] and butterflies.[9][10]

Some trees in the Pigeon Forest have tree spirits guarding them. The tree spirits live for a long time and hibernate during winter, as they have no resistance to cold.[11][12]

There was also a maiden named Kikyo who used to come to the forest and was adored by the elves, but she stopped coming one day.[13]

History Edit

The forest is said to be protected by gods, which is why the elves do not leave.[14] The God of Wind dwells deep in the forest.[15] Each season is also guarded by a powerful elf.[3][4]


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