Phantom in Desert Map

Special map for the Desert Mirage event. There are 5 stages which do not require Stamina to complete. Two of them are quiz stages and the other three are styling battle stages. Completing these stages will give you Sunrise Rubies Sunrise Ruby. You are given 3 free attempts per day for each stage and can reset them for 30 Diamond each.


1 - Ransa's TestEdit

  • Quiz Stage

Only when you fully understand desert can you survive the desert. Get prepared and start.

2 - Sofia's QuestionEdit

  • Quiz Stage

It's easy to get lost in Vudu desert. If you are ready, start the quiz.

3 - Phantom in DesertEdit

  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Cool
  • Tags: Traditional Bohemia

Change into desert style suit now that you are in Vudu desert. It feels different to wear one in campfire party.

  • Momo: No! I'm done every side!
  • Nikki: We had an appointment with Ransa in Mist Sand Tribe around here. It shouldn't be far.
  • (Since they parted Ransa, Nikki and Momo have traveled days in the desert? The sun just set and the temperature is still.)
  • (Right then, a pointed top appeared in front. Look carefully, they found a familiar person waving her hand.)
  • (Momo and Nikki smiled. They ran there with their last bit of strength.)
  • Ransa: You finally arrived.
  • Nikki: How fast you are!
  • Momo: Fatigued! Need grilled fish...
  • Ransa: I have a talked with the chief here. I want to go check it out before it gets dark. The map says it should be near.
  • Momo: Ah! Are you leaving again?
  • Ransa: I'll be back soon. Before the campfire parting ends tonight, I'll be back.
  • Nikki: Take care then!
  • Sofia: Nikki, Momo, hi!
  • Nikki: Sofia! Are you traveling in the desert?
  • Momo: My goddess Sofia! You made the desert much lovable instantly!!!
  • Sofia: I come for tonight's campfire party. What about you?
  • Nikki: We're here to look for the material to design King Sayet's relic.
  • Nikki: Ransa heard a news that in the mirage of Vudu desert, countless treasures are hidden, precious materials included.
  • Sofia: Hmm, I heard about that.
  • Sofia: You'd better have som rest in Mist Sand Tribe. After all, there is a campfire party tonight.
  • Momo: Yeah~ That's what I need.
  • Nikki: Awesome.
  • Momo: Nikki, change Wasteland style to fit in the desert.

4 - Mirage LegendEdit

  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Cool
  • Tags: Dancer

Do you want to know the legend of Goddess of Gold? Defeat the dancer and find out the answer.

  • (As night comes, the torches were lit.
  • With the company of unique music, an elegant dancer came to the center.)
  • (Slim figure in a gauzy dress. Her voice heavenly chanting. Like a phantom spawned from the dark night.)
  • Momo: Woo-wah!!!
  • Sofia: Dancer Yos, 'Phantom in the desert?'? In Vudu desert, only the most powerful tribe has the quality to see her dance.
  • Sofia: To watch her performance is another reason I'm here. She's true to her name. She embodies the exotic wasteland style.
  • Nikki: Yes, a very unique style. Sofia, your show must be great too!
  • Sofia: Thanks. I should get myself prepared.
  • Momo: Yoo-hoo! Go, Sofia!
  • (In the dark night, a figure left backstage. Everyone is looking at Sofia on the stage and few noticed.)
  • Momo: Hey? Is that the dancer? Why is she leaving alone?
  • Nikki: Yeah. And she looks quite strange.
  • Momo: Let's go check it out!
  • (Before long, a tower suddenly revealed itself ahead.
  • Crystal light hung around the cornice, curtains of pearls rang like wind bells. The glazed tile shone under moonlight like it's a golden island.)
  • Momo: The Mirage!
  • Nikki: The Mirage Tower!
  • Ransa: More than that, it's where Goddess of Gold lives. And it's a traveling building with countless treasures inside.
  • Momo: Ransa, why are you here? And what's Goddess of Gold?
  • Ransa: For that, she must know much better than me.
  • (Dancer Yos stopped hiding in the dark. Under the moonlight, she wore a secret smile.)
  • Yos: Defeat me in dancer style if you want to know about Goddess of Gold.

5 - Fate RevealingEdit

Style: Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Warm

  • Tags: Winter

Ah! Why does the weather change so fast here? It's scorching hot in the daytime and freezing in the night! Wear something warm!

  • (The secret woman has a special honey-color skin. Her face is half veiled with a pair of glowing eyes unhidden only, which are staring at Yos.)
  • (In the breathtaking silence, everyone's hearts beats fast. Their instinct told them she's Goddess Vnet.)
  • Vnet: You are tired. You are tired of the life you are living, so you summoned me?
  • Yos: I feel myself... can dance no more.
  • Yos: I never wanted to be a dancer. It brought me fortune and treasure, but that's all. I want to stop.
  • Vnet: Then hear my words.
  • Nikki: (Whisper) I feel she's entering the trap of the goddess...
  • Yos: What?
  • Vnet: You want the fortune and you're tired of current life. Why don't you stay here.
  • Momo: Wow! Bossy!
  • Yos: You mean?
  • Vnet: You will possess countless treasures, with the cost of never leaving the mirage and being part of my collection.
  • Yos: It means I don't have to repeat the boring moves and face those stupid faces?
  • Vnet: Of course.
  • Nikki: But you are losing your freedom? Yos, you dance beautifully.
  • Yos: Different people value different things. I'm used to be imprisoned. It's the beauty in other's eyes that chains me.
  • Yos: I accept!
  • Ransa: The Goddess of Gold can always look through people's mind. That's why few can refuse her.
  • Momo: What is it in my mind? Golden grilled fish? How am I supposed to eat it then...
  • (Vnet eyes skipped Ransa and fixed at Nikki.)
  • Vnet: You don't belong here.
  • Nikki: Yes... We are from somewhere else. We come for the material to design King Sayet's relic.
  • Vnet: I can see that, but...
  • Ransa: I'd like to pay anything!
  • Vnet: No, it's not what you really think.
  • Vnet: My trade has been fair. The pink-hair girl beside you will fulfill your wish.
  • Nikki: I?
  • Vnet: You seem to be short of something... But you have to find it yourself.
  • Vnet: If you can hunt the transient wind, you will capture the flowing fate. But it's always changing. You have to be careful.
  • (Glorious tower, secret goddess, disillusioned dancer... All gone, just like a dream.)
  • Ransa: It's gone...
  • Momo: Wooo-- Creepy... and cold! Nikki, wear something warm and let's go back.


Q. What animal is known to live in the desert?
A. Camel
Q. What should you do before you enter the desert?
A. Take enough water
Q. What might be found beneath the desert?
A. Relics
Q. What kind of phenomenon may happen in the desert?
A. Mirage
Q. Which is a typical plant in the desert?
A. Cactus
Q. Which nation in Miraland have the most deserts?
A. Wasteland
Q. Which can help mitigate desertification?
A. Reforestation
Q. What should you do when trapped in the desert?
A. Travel in night to avoid heat
Q. What’s the ancestor of house cats?
A. Near Eastern wildcat
Q. What’s the desert Nikki is in?
A. Vudu Desert
Q. What shouldn’t you hear in the desert?
A. Momo’s sarcastic words
Q. What kind of special function does Ayers Rock in Australian desert have?
A. Color changes with time
Q. How to find out direction when you are lost in the desert in the night?
A. Find Polaris
Q. How to protect yourself from bugs in the desert?
A. Cover your skins
Q. What do you usually call a water area in the desert?
A. Oasis
Q. Which of the following is a game genre?
A. Sandbox
Q. What’s the biggest desert in the world?
A. Antarctic Desert
Q. What may cause desertification?
A. over reclamation
Q. Which of the following has survived the biggest desert?
A. Bear Grylls

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