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Peipeiwu (佩佩舞) is a character that appears in Shining Nikki.



Peipeiwu has long, curly red hair with a straightened bang, and was considered very beautiful until she was injured in a fire at the Xingyu Swan Tournament and was said to have lost her beauty.[1][2]



Peipeiwu was raised by her parents and with her adoptive sister Huihuicao.[3][2]

Two years before Nikki arrived in Xingyu Town, Peipeiwu competed in the Xingyu Swan Tournament that occurred every two years, wearing the suit Wings of Shooting Stars,[1] which was designed by Huihuicao.[4] Though Peipeiwu won the tournament, Huihuicao started a fire there[3] and caused Peipeiwu to lose her beauty.[1][2]


Huihuicao Edit

Huihuicao seemed to resent her sister Peipeiwu, who was viewed as much more beautiful of the two. This prompted her to start the fire that ended up seriously hurting her.[3][2]

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