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The Pavilion of Fantasy is a long-term pavilion found in the Mystery House. It is used to buy Crystal Shoes Crystal Shoe and also gives 3-5 H1.png treasured Clothes.

There is 1 free chance each day, with additional single chances costing 60 Diamonds. Ten chances at once can be purchased for 540 Diamonds, and will give the player at least one H5.png item. Fantasy Tickets Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket can also be used here.

The Crystal Shoes Crystal Shoe can be exchanged in the Room Of Cinderella.

For items exclusive to both the Pavilion of Fantasy and Pavilion of Mystery, see Mystery House Limited Items.

Drop Rates[]

The drop rates are listed in-game after clicking the ? icon.

  • 3-Star item drop rate: 82.3%
  • 4-Star item drop rate: 12.2%
  • 5-Star item drop rate: 5.5%


Duke's Daughter {Super Rare}[]

Duke's Daughter.jpg

Snow Lotus {Super Rare}[]

Snow Lotus.jpg

Master Magician {Super Rare}[]

Master Magician.jpg

Night Lolita {Treasured}[]

Night Lolita.jpg

Dreamland Teatime {Treasured}[]

Dreamland Teatime.jpg

The Gentle Madam {Treasured}[]

The Gentle Madam.jpg

5-Star {Super Rare}[]

4-Star {Treasured}[]

3-Star {Treasured}[]