Pastry Cook-Green
Pastry Cook-Blue
Does the love for pastries make you a pastry cook or the cooking of tasty pastries make you love them?
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Top
Style European
Attributes: ElegantPure
Rarity: H4
Color(s): Green
Wardrobe #: 116
Obtained by: Customization

Pastry Cook-Green can be obtained through the customization of Pastry Cook.

Appearance Edit

A mint green top with a darker green on it. There are two green straps for the arms on the top of the top. The collar is also green, and there is a green bow under it. A white half-circle is underneath the bow, connecting to the collar. Two strips of green ribbon tie up the bottom of the short sleeves.

Customization Edit

Gallery Suit Edit

Pastry Cook-Green is part of an alternative version of the Apple Federal suit Sweet Pastry Cook.

The other parts of this suit are Sweetie-Silver, Delicious Pastry, Sweet Filling-Blue, Dessert, Mousse-Gray and Pastry Cap.

The original version of this suit includes the following parts Sweetie, Delicious Pastry, Sweet Filling, Dessert, Mousse and Pastry Cap.

There is an alternate series to this suit. It contains Sweetie, Delicious Pastry, Sweet Filling-Yellow, Dessert-Green, Mousse-Green and Pastry Cap.

There is another alternate series to this suit. It contains Sweetie, Delicious Pastry, Pastry Cook-Gray, Sweet Filling-Gray, Dessert-Purple, Mousse-Black and Pastry Cap.

Attributes Edit

Simple Elegant Cute Pure Cool
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