Pastoral Pearl-Green
Pastoral Pearl-Green
Most girls in Wing Manor wear high-waist bubble dresses with half puff sleeves and knee-length skirt.
Physical and Vital Information
Type Dress
Style European
Attributes LivelyPure
Rarity H4
Wardrobe # 497
How to Obtain Customization
Pastoral Pearl-Green can be obtained through the Customization of Pastoral Pearl-Red.

Appearance Edit

A moss-colored sleeveless dress with a indigo and yellow band around the hem with a pattern that resides under two, pale yellow wavy lines. The same details line the collar and go down the center of the chest, surrounding thick, pastel purple ribbon. Similar colored ribbon wraps around the navel with a stripe of pastel purple in the middle. A pastel indigo apron hangs down the front with alternating pale yellow patterns of lines, triangles, and flowers. The pale yellow border of the apron has a line of indigo diamonds. Puffy white fabric covers the chest and shoulders, featuring a band with a pleat cuff. Inches above the band is a green wavy line and a patter of tiny pink flowers, with the same design on top of the chest.

Customization Edit

Gallery Suit Edit

Pastoral Pearl-Green is part of an alternative version of the Pigeon suit Pastoral Pearl.

The other pieces of this suit are Countryside Girl-Pink, The Rivulet, Pastoral-Green, Garden Headband-Green and Rose Necklet-Green.

Attributes Edit

Gorgeous Lively Cute Pure Warm