Passionate Brazil is a Hidden Suit that can be bought in the User's Shop via the Wind Hunter Pack for 660 Diamond. If bought before September 1st, 2018, there is a 25% discount.

This suit was created in order to honor Love Nikki's participation in the UNESCO project "Open Digital Library on Traditional Games", hoping to let everyone see different cultures through the game.

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Nikki joined UNESCO's the 'Development of Digitalized Traditional Plays' project. Which takes you through the passionate Brazil.
Brazilian Girl

Let us wear traditional Indian clothing; with a bow in our left hand, and arrows in our right, we can freely roam the savanna.
Passionate Brazil - Top

An ancient civilization is hidden in the rainforests of Brazil. Remnants reveal the faint memory of an ancient civilization.
Passionate Brazil - Bottom

The Mayan civilization recorded time, and witnessed how the shifting of the sun, the moon and the stars influenced the world.
Grow All

For Indians, feathers represent courage and honor, and they often attach them to their head wear to display.
Passionate Samba

The Indians upon the steppe revered nature, and they held in awe every bush, tree, rock and mountain.
Grassland Gloves

The Indians on the steppe hunted for a living. They are the warriors of the plain, and the people of mother earth.
Grassland Longbow

Indian body paintings hail from complex religious rites, and they worship a myriad of totems with the souls of living things.
Indian Paint

For travelers, Rio De Janeiro in Brazil is a synonym for samba. There, music and dance are linked in a fantastic fashion.
Colorful Parrot

In South America, you might encounter cute toucans. In caricatures they have an almost human-like role, right?
Cute Toucan

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