Ran from January 6th to January 10th, 2019.

In order to get out of Prince's imprisonment, the parrot princess cried blood and tear off her own feathers in the night...Only by solving the puzzles can you find the lost parts of [Song of Dream Parrot], and get [Fire of Blood Parrot] via customization.

Solve the riddles to find out what stages to go to for the unevolved parts of the Song of Dream Parrot suit, which can then be evolved and customized into the Fire of Blood Parrot suit. The stages are only in the chapters 2-6. The recipe for Ruby Cheek will be sent through the mail.


Item Riddle Stage
Snow Melody S...Sorry, We aren’t the Phantom Thief! 2-9Princess Level
Gold Cage Nobody is allowed to lay a finger on the only handsome man showed up till now! 2-7Maiden Level
White Feather Practice traditional student suit with me! 5-6Princess Level
Song of Parrot Let’s go say hello to this diamond, 5-10Princess Level
Freedom Wings A girl jumped out of nowhere! 3-7Princess Level
Innocent Crest Meet the proud girl in front of the flower shop again. 4-7Maiden Level
Ethereal Faith Putting a small flower on Momo’s head seems to make him cuter. 6-1Maiden Level


Song of Dream ParrotEdit

Fire of Blood ParrotEdit

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