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Orchid is a Cloud suit that could have been obtained from a Log-in Event from November 25th to December 14th, 2018 and can now be bought in the Clothes Store.

Completion Prize: 25 Diamonds.

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Item Descriptions[]

Sunlit mountains and birds in the woods together form a view of February romance.

Besides the stone, it grows alone. I read beside the window, smelling the aroma from afar.
Orchid Like

Living on the top of a mountain, everything is the world becomes petty just like the passing clouds.

Before the spring bloom ends, the summer bloom comes. They are always there for me.

Orchid flowers are among the long green leaves with fragrance flowing in the wind.
The Gentle

With the flower in the room for so long, the butterflies were even attracted by the aroma.

She loves the flower in the wild mountain. Unable to get it, she draws it in the painting.


The item descriptions tell the story of a carefree girl who lives on the top of a mountain. She reads beside the window and smells the aroma of orchid flowers, whose fragrance flows in the wind. The girl cannot get the orchids herself, so she paints a picture of it instead.


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Orchid N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Orchidée Orchid
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 兰 (lán) Orchid
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
蘭 (lán) Orchid
Japanese Flag.png Japan 蘭の花 (Ran no Hana) Orchids
Korean Flag.png South Korea 난초꽃 (nanchokkoch) Orchid
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Anggrek Orchid
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Lan Orchid
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A