Orange Storm is a Hidden Suit that could be obtained by buying the Pineapple Cake Pack in the Boutique from October 5th to October 14th, 2019 for $0.99. It came with 50 VIP Exp and 50 Diamond.

The pack's caption read: "Wearing clothes with food pattern is the correct answer to night market!"

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With curly hair of milk tea color tied up, I'm the sweetest girl in this night market!
Noon Tea Curl

In the bustling market, people are dancing to the music. Their dresses of pineapple color are lively and striking.
Pineappla Dance

Wearing clothes with food pattern from head to toe is the correct answer to hanging out in the night market!
Fruit Socks

With oranges whirling in the juicer, the citrus aroma immediately fills the air. Let the food hunt begin!
Orange Storm

A cute headwear shaped like a pineapple cake. Who can resist the sweet smell of an egg-yolk pineapple cake?
Egg-yolk Pineapple Cake

It's just a decoration rather than a real pineapple cake. Stop drooling over this!
Sweet Pineapple Cake

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