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Ophelia (奥菲莉亚) is a character in Shining Nikki. She is the Queen of Pigeon Kingdom.



Ophelia has long blonde centre-parted hair and pale green eyes. She has long, pointed elf's ears and delicate, translucent wings on her back that resemble a butterfly's. She wears an elegant blue dress with gold trim.


Ophelia is religious and kind. She is not very confident in her ability as a Queen, but was willing to sacrifice everything to protect her kingdom and people.


Ophelia was the only legitimate child of August, the King of Pigeon Kingdom. She was the only one who was kind to Mercury when he stayed in the court of Pigeon.[1]

When Mercury secretly assassinated their father, Ophelia inherited the throne and became the Queen. However, as the Queen, she did not have much real power. The government was mostly controlled by old aristocrats and Mercury's people. In Chapter 11, she sacrificed the Holy Glow of her wings to the Holy Crystal in order to maintain the strength of the Elves. Nikki was moved by Ophelia's dedication and promised that she would try her best to bring the Holy Glow back to her.



Mercury used to have a good relationship with Ophelia when he was still in the court. Despite the objections of her godmother and attendants, she secretly sneaked out to find Mercury and listened to him telling her stories about the outside world. He promised to help Ophelia to be free and take her to see the Flower of Aibona.

However, years later when Mercury came back to Pigeon as the CEO of Mercury Group, he killed their father, the old elf King. He seized the kingdom and made Ophelia the puppet queen. He said that Ophelia was weak, hence she could not control her own fate. She became the sacrifice of his power game. However, he seemed to still hold some feelings for her. He still remembered his promises to her and hoped that one day she could fight him back.[1]



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