Ode to Glory is a Pigeon suit that can be obtained in Lucky Bags by claiming the last Lucky Bag.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Resplendent Voice, Glory Ode, Glory Song, Moon Gauze, Land of Eternity and 35 Diamonds.

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Wardrobe[edit | edit source]

Alternative Series (Pose without Wings)[edit | edit source]

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Lore[edit | edit source]

Item Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Its huge body covered by brilliant and cold scales. Its eyes exude the freezing air.
Bright Voice

However, there is one thing true in the book-they love shining things. Dragons build themselves a court of ice.
Glory Chapter

The return of Elemmire soon spread out: her dress resembles cloud, her eyes calm glacier before a blizzard.
Gold Vine

Elemmire was finally recognized for her design. In this white war, the winner is the will of freedom.
Messenger of Victory

Dragon said, 'you still have faith. Go back, and challenge them with the inspirations accumulated these years.'
Sacred Seraph

Helluin scorned, 'Your humble imagination… When did you see me breathe fire? Only ice is real art.'
Moon Chiffon

She finally left her people and went back to the mountains. There are deep sky, shiny stars and her best friends.
Tranquil Glacier

I'm back. The sunshine seems brighter with her return. Helluin shed tears-they love shiny things.
Lord of Glacier

Elemmire always keeps a clean land in her heart that supports her to move on. This land is the stars in the mountains.
Tender Ocean

In the remote north where snow is deep in vast mountains, the oldest creature in the Miraland lives here
Resplendent Voice

To avoid the hunt, she went across the taboo snow line. Contrary to the book, the dragon is kind and has a name.
Glory Ode

You are not like what writes in the book. Blonde Elemmire closed the ancient grimoire
Moon Gauze

Elemmire the Protector of Freedom was jailed. But a common person whom she saved set her free secretly.
Glory Song

Interpretation[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit source]

Name by Server[edit source]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Ode to Glory N/A
France Flag.png International (French) Ode à la Gloire Ode of Glory
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 辉煌之颂 (huīhuáng zhī sòng) Ode of Glory
Taiwanese Flag.png Hong Kong Flag.png Macau Flag.png
Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional)
輝煌之頌 (huīhuáng zhī sòng) Ode of Glory
Japanese Flag.png Japan 栄光の抒情詩 (Eikō no Jojōshi) Ode of Glory
Korean Flag.png South Korea 여신의가호 (yeosin-uigaho) Goddess' Blessing
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesia Glory Regalia N/A
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnam Băng sương huy hoàng Glorious Frosty Ice
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) Magnificent Glory N/A

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