Nora Von Rhein is a character in Love Nikki. She is a scholar that studies theology, and the daughter of Mr. Beris, the president of the Amphithea Group, and Mrs. Von Rhein.



Nora has short brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a pleasant face.


Nora is an scholarly and independent woman who has a love for learning. She eagerly tells Nikki, Ransa, and Momo all about the history of the monastery she was staying at, including the possibility for King Sayet to have lived there. Despite her lifetime of traveling and her current residence in the Pigeon Kingdom, she remains loyal to her home nation of the Apple Federation and smiles when she meets others from Apple.[2]

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Nora traveled around Miraland since she was a little girl, and because of this, has grown to become capable with dealing with challenges that may arise.[1]

Year 680 Edit

Nora spent some time in Lor River City during this year, though it is unknown what she was doing there. Her mother, Mrs Von Rhein, was very worried about her when she heard about the League Tyr's looming attack on the nearby Cloud City, but after some convincing from her butler Lovina and Nikki, she agreed that her daughter would probably be safe. After they were able to contact Nora in Lor River City, Mrs Von Rhein gave her tickets away to Nikki and Bobo.[1]

She later goes to study theology in Oren, Pigeon, where she lives in an old monastery with nuns. She is welcoming to Nikki and her friends when they come to investigate clues about King Sayet at the monastery, and leads them through the building while talking with them the whole time.[2]

Quotes Edit

  • "Ah, sorry! I must have bored you talking about things I'm interested in..."
    – Nora to Nikki and Ransa in V2: 1-2 Met Lady Nora

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Nora Von Rhein
France Flag International (French) Nora Von Rhein
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 诺拉 冯莱茵 (Nuò lā féng láiyīn)
Korean Flag South Korea 노라 플라인 (Nora Plein)

References Edit

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