The Nine-Day War was an event that took place in Year 672 following the death of King Sayet.

Contest Edit

King Sayet left three legacy treasures behind when he died, and the nations of Miraland were on the verge of war. They instead decided to resolve the dispute with a styling contest. It was held in the Apple city Rolterdan, and lasted for 9 days.[1]

Though it is looked back upon peacefully, the reality was less so. Many countries ended up using their full strength to come up with recipes and materials, and the competitions were so high-stakes that entire cities ended up losing all of their clothing and designs.[2]

Aftermath Edit

Instead of one of the established stylists of Miraland winning, two newcomers won: 16-year-old Princess Elle from Pigeon, and a girl nobody knew with pink hair known as Hostess L. Princess Elle got two of the three treasures, and Hostess L got the third.[1]

Hostess L disappeared almost immediately after the war with the third treasure.[1]

Princess Elle became known as the Reincarnated Goddess, and after four years, she rose to became the queen of Pigeon, at which point she established the Iron Rose Stylist Legion.[1]

Questions still remain among the people of Miraland. Who is Hostess L, and where did she go?[3] Did Queen Elle create the Iron Rose in order to protect Hostess L?[4] How can Queen Elle's reign of the Iron Rose be stopped? Nobody is quite sure of the answers, or how to find them.

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