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Nikki UP2U: A dressing story is a mobile game developed by Paper Studio (previously named SuZhou Nikki Co., Ltd) and CatCap Studio (also known as Rhino Studio and Beijing Dawei Technology Co., Ltd.). It is the first game in the Nikki Up2U series.


The story follows the every-day life of Nikki, an ordinary girl with a talking cat, Momo.


The premise of Nikki UP2U is to dress up appropriately according to an occasion in the story. For instance, during the first stage Nikki wants to go out and eat, but Momo points out that she cannot walk outside in pajamas. It is the player's task to give her appropriate clothing, and once done, evaluation will take place for a duration of time. The player can do other things in the meantime. Once finished, Momo will comment and grade the result from S-F:

  • S being spectacular.
  • A being great.
  • B being tolerable.
  • F being outright terrible.

After each story stage, the player will be rewarded with gold, which can be used to buy new clothes. Gold and new clothing can also be acquired by completing various achievements as well.


Main Characters

  • Nikki: The game's protagonist and titular character. She can be lazy and a bit of an airhead, but is very athletic and easily excitable. She is very active, signing up for lots of things.
  • Momo: Also called Meowy in the later stages, Momo is Nikki's talking pet cat. He gives Nikki fashion advice and does not hesitate insulting her. He loves marbled pork and sleep.


  • Sister: Known as Nina in Hello Nikki and mentioned as Yoyo in Love Nikki, she is Nikki's sister. She also gives Nikki fashion advice sometimes.
  • Polo: Also called Ghanam once in the later stages, Polo is a detective trying to solve a murder case.
  • Designer: A designer who made a party dress for Nikki.
  • Blue-haired Boy: A boy Nikki met in one of her performances. He insisted that Nikki was the perfect wizard.


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