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The following are transcriptions of the game's story stages.
Nikki UP2U: A dressing story/Script|Script
===An Idle Holiday===
*'''Nikki''': It feels so good to stay home and do nothing on my day off. I don't want to move.
*'''Nikki''': Belly growls...
*'''Nikki''': I am hungry... I will just grab a bite nearby. Hey, Momo, want to grab a bite with me?
*'''Momo''': Going out with someone in pajamas? No.
*'''Nikki''': What are you talking about? Everyone is dressed like this.
*'''Momo''': Can you be a little bit normal?
*'''Nikki''': We are only going somewhere close. Comfy is top priority. Who cares.
===Let's Go Swimming===
*'''Nikki''': It is so hot I don't want to move.
*'''Momo''': Come be a homebody with me for the whole summer!
*'''Nikki''': No, I will be fat. I need exercise!
*'''Momo''': Well then... Have fun running.
*'''Nikki''': I swim in the summer. Check out my goggles.
*'''Momo''': Please don't get too excited and go out in swimsuit!
*'''Nikki''': Stop joking around! I will wear my regular clothes and bring my swimsuit with me.
===Shining star (1)===
*'''Momo''': Weren't you staying home with me today?
*'''Nikki''': It's so boring staying home all day. I told sister that I would go shopping with her.
*'''Momo''': OK, don't forget to bring me a pound of marbled pork.
*'''Nikki''': Um, I was going clothes shopping, not grocery shopping!
*'''Momo''': There is marbled pork in grocery stores.
*'''Nikki''': I am going to clothing stores!
*'''Momo''': I was only asking for a little meat...
*'''Nikki''': I am going to change. What should I wear? I need to wear something that can match everything for clothes shopping.
*'''Momo''': (I hope your clothes are torn)
===Three Kingdom's Kill!===
*'''Nikki''': Frosty and some friends are playing Three Kingdoms and are one player short. They want me to join them.
*'''Momo''': Please don't embarrass yourself...
*'''Nikki''': What are you talking about? I am actually not bad. Although I do kill off my own team sometimes...... Oh it is not a big deal.
*'''Momo''': Are you going to wear a costume to the game?
*'''Nikki''': Wow! How did you know? This is a Three Kingdom game party slash costume party. I don't even know if I have the costume......
===The Romance of Mystery (1)===
===Try on the maid's costume===
===The Romance of Mystery (2)===
===Dad's photography exhibition===
===May I drink sometimes?===
===Shining star (2)===
===Spring outing===
===The Romance of Mystery (3)===
===Go take pictures!===
===Shining star (3)===
===I love the old times!===
===Skill Exchange===
===The Romance of Mystery (4)===
===Let's DIY!===
===Our Book Festival===
===Shining star (4)===
===The female Sherlock Holmes!===
===Han Chinese costume show!===
===Whimsical outfit===
===Shining star (5)===
===Let's go shopping!===
===Running Flashmob===
===Back to high school?===
===Buying pets===
===The Romance of Mystery (5)===
===Feast! Snack Festival!===
===Time for Shopping!===
===Shining star (6)===
===Go play DOTA!===
===Horn of War===
===In the name of education===
===I love ballet!===
===The Romance of Mystery (6)===
===Let's Rock!===
===The Romance of Mystery (7)===
===Should be high-class sometimes===
===Working is a good way to kill time===
===Graveyard visit a grave===
===Shining star (7)===
===Cram before the final!===
===Work out in the gym===
===Will I be a model?!===
===Shining star (8)===
===A Terrific cosplay!===
===Go experience the countryside!===
===The Romance of Mystery (8)===
===Get in shape!===
===Shining star (9)===
===Piano Contest===
===Nikki in wonderland===
===Movie shooting===
===The Romance of Mystery (9)===
===Go for coffee===
===Let's go to the beach===
===Shining star (10)===
===Wanna be cute===
===The Romance of Mystery (10)===
===Wanna play table tennis?===
===The charity fundraiser bazaar===
===Shining star (11)===
===The school's 100th anniversary===
===Let's go painting!===
===Shining star (12)===
===I'm sick===
===Premiere of the Titanic!===
===The Romance of Mystery (11)===
===Let's go karaoke===
===Grocery shopping is painful===
===Should stand out in talent shows!===
===Should learn to drive===
===Shop for accessories===
===Merry Christmas! (1)===
===Merry Christmas! (2)===
===Happy New Year ♪===
*'''Nikki''': Hehehe~
*'''Momo''': Hmm... What is that evil laugh about?
*'''Nikki''': Haven't you heard? There will be a new edition in February!
*'''Nikki''': There will be a lot of new clothes! And more of our stories too!
*'''Nikki''': I hear that the "coming soon" section will be open too!
*'''Momo''': Well...... Will I have to see you going places in weird clothes again......
*'''Nikki''': Any, anyway I am really looking forward to it!
*'''Nikki''': Oh hey, what should I wear today to celebrate the new edition?
*'''Momo''': You won't forget to change clothes even when advertising...... So decided, Ms. Heroine.
===Witch under the Cherry Tree===
*'''Momo''': Hey, why don't you find something to do? I haven't had marbled pork in so long!
*'''Nikki''': Spring break is exactly for staying home doing nothing!
*'''Momo''': You will gain weight if all you do is sleep and eat!
*'''Nikki''': What do I do then?
*'''Momo''': I heard that some shrine in Japan is hiring.
*'''Nikki''': What would it be like working in a shrine...
*'''Momo''': You would be a witch! A witch! Imagine yourself in a witch costume holding a bow under a cherry tree!
*'''Nikki''': I want to go, I want to go! What should I wear to the interview......
*'''Momo''': A witch outfit is the best. But a traditional suit will do too.
===Cherry Blossom Celebration===
*'''Nikki''': Mom says tomorrow the whole family is going to see cherry blossoms!
*'''Momo''': I have a sudden question all of a sudden.
*'''Nikki''': What is it?
*'''Momo''': Why do we see the cherry blossoms every year? Didn't we go last year?
*'''Nikki''': True... You can always stop and see the flowers on your way to school or work, or on your way home...
*'''Momo''': So... why do we have to make a special trip for it?
*'''Nikki''': Well... I guess it's about families getting together to eat and drink!
*'''Momo''': Oh I see! I wish I could go every day!
*'''Nikki''': I know! What should we wear...... I would like to try a traditional asian dress, like a kimono or a Chinese robe.
*'''Momo''': If you don't have a traditional dress, anything simple, elegant and not too fancy will do.
===Pink Fantasy (1)===
*'''Nikki''': Well...
*'''Blue-haired Boy''': Are you Nikki?
*'''Nikki''': Hmm? Didn't you pass me the note? What is...
*'''Blue-haired Boy''': I have noticed you for a long time!
*'''Nikki''': You, you have?
*'''Blue-haired Boy''': I heard that you are performing in a play tomorrow.
*'''Nikki''': Yes, yes I am... Now that you reminded me, I am suddenly a little nervous......
*'''Blue-haired Boy''': And I heard that you will be a white robe wizard!
*'''Nikki''': Yeah, it is my first time playing such a role, I am a little...
*'''Blue-haired Boy''': I think you will be great!
*'''Nikki''': Yeah?
*'''Blue-haired Boy''': From what I have seen, you are perfect for a wizard! (serious face)
*'''Nikki''': Your compliment sounds a little strange, but still thank you very much......
*'''Blue-haired Boy''': So don't disappoint my well wishes for you, go change and go to the rehearsal!
*'''Blue-haired Boy''': I wish you success tomorrow! After the show I will be waiting for you outside the theatre~
*'''Nikki''': What? What is this weird feeling? Who is this guy......
===Go to the hot springs!===
===Pink Fantasy (2)===
===Pink Fantasy (3)===
===Pink Fantasy (4)===
===Pink Fantasy (5)===
===Pink Fantasy (6)===
===Pink Fantasy (7)===
===Pink Fantasy (8)===
===Long weekend===
===Mysterious guest===
===Long weekend 2===
===Unexpected issue===
===Long weekend 3===

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Nikki UP2U: A dressing story is a mobile game developed by SuZhou Nikki Co., Ltd (now named Paper CO. China). It is the first game in the Nikki Up2U series.


The story follows the every-day life of Nikki, an ordinary girl with a talking cat, Momo.


The premise of Nikki UP2U is to dress up appropriately according to an occasion in the story. For instance, during the first stage Nikki wants to go out and eat, but Momo points out that she cannot walk outside in pajamas. It is the player's task to give her appropriate clothing, and once done, evaluation will take place for a duration of time. The player can do other things in the meantime. Once finished, Momo will comment and grade the result from S-F: S being spectacular, A being great, B being okay and F being outright terrible.

After each story stage, the player will be rewarded with gold, which can be used to buy new clothes. Gold and new clothing can also be acquired by completing various achievements as well.


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