The following are transcriptions of the game's story stages.


Running FlashmobEdit

  • Momo: Hey! What are you doing still in bed? Isn't today hiking club's first event?
  • Nikki: I know...... But I don't feel like going......
  • Momo: But you signed up yourself!
  • Nikki: But they are going to hike all the way from downtown to the hill top! I don't want to go...... It's too much!
  • Momo: Shame on you!
  • Nikki: Hehehe......
  • Momo: Hey......
  • Nikki: Alright! Something sporty and loose and off I go! Oh, I can't wear a light shirt because I will probably sweat a lot!

Back to high school?Edit

  • Nikki: Darling!
  • Momo: Quick trying to get close. You are creeping me out!
  • Nikki: I was just trying to be nice. Listen, I want to visit my high school teachers on Teacher's Day. What should I wear?
  • Momo: You can wear anything. Just not too revealing.
  • Nikki: I am serious!
  • Momo: OK, pick out something conservative but cute, simple and elegant.

Buying petsEdit

  • Nikki: Hey Momo, you have been in my house for a few years, right?
  • Momo: Really? You don't remember how long? Three years!
  • Nikki: It's just hard to believe. I remember when I first saw you in the pet market I thought you were a white baby bear.
  • Momo: You can't be serious......
  • Nikki: So expensive! No wonder there is always a cape. I feel cheated......
  • Momo: Do you have to put it like that!
  • Nikki: Hehe you were so cute. Come give me a hug! Do you remember what I was wearing?
  • Momo: No I don't!
  • Nikki: OK no hug. Here is a hint: I was all bundled up. I picked out a cute outfit to get close to everyone.

The Romance of Mystery (5)Edit

  • Nikki: She was so nice! She even taught me to sing, dance, and bake cakes!
  • Polo: Did you sneak in the kindergarten dressed as a student......
  • Nikki: Seriously! She doesn't have an alibi. She was home alone that night......
  • Nikki: But I can't believe someone as nice as her can be a criminal.
  • Polo: Don't be fooled by appearances! You have to have the awareness and honor of a detective!
  • Nikki: Great! This is the line I have been waiting for!
  • Polo: Suspect number three is an athlete. He has fast responses and excellent sportsmanship.
  • Polo: It seems he is interested in anything sports-related. Now you should start moving!
  • Nikki: Anything sports-related? That's a huge range...... you are killing me......
  • Polo: And there is no guarantee that you will meet him, either. Just don't force it.

Feast! Snack Festival!Edit

  • Nikki: The annual Long Street Food Festival is here!
  • Nikki: Sesame porridge, almond porridge, and corn porridge. I love porridge!
  • Momo: There is also fried bugs, fried cocoon, fried centipedes......
  • Nikki: That's gross! I will bring you some bones!
  • Momo: You are not taking me?
  • Nikki: It will be crowded, do you want to be stomped on...... Speaking of, what should I wear......
  • Momo: Skirt is probably not a good idea. Wear something anti-crowd.
  • Nikki: What the heck is anti-crowd...... It also has to be anti-dirt.

Time for Shopping!Edit

  • Nikki: Oh my bestie asked me to go shopping with her tonight. You stay home and be good.
  • Momo: What are you still doing here?
  • Nikki: I don't know what to wear again...... is this skirt too colorful?
  • Momo: Yes......
  • Nikki: What about this one? It's trendy but not too noticeable, right?


  • Nikki: Momo, have you been to a psychic?
  • Momo: A psychic? Oh, fortune telling. You put out your hands, and......
  • Nikki: No! A crystal ball. The Gypsys use it to tell fortune!
  • Momo: ......
  • Nikki: It's a crystal ball!
  • Momo: Are you all right?
  • Nikki: Here is the flyer!
  • Momo: ...... So you are going?
  • Nikki: It's new and unique, of course I want to go! And I hear the Gypsys will only be here a week. I have to seize the opportunity.
  • Momo: (What kind of crappy opportunity is this......)
  • Nikki: What should I wear...... Maybe I should cover my face with a scarf so I seem mysterious?
  • Momo: ...... just wear something normal!

Shining star (6)Edit

  • Nikki: Nice to meet you......
  • Designer: ...... (not paying attention).
  • Nikki: Hmm......
  • Sister: Wow look at these beautiful clothes! Did you design all of them?
  • Designer: Naturally.
  • Sister: This evening dress is so pretty!
  • Designer: ...... (starting to calm down)
  • Sister: We are attending a costume party in a couple of days. And we can't seem to find the right dresses......
  • Sister: So...... We visited a lot of stores but haven't found anything we like. I knew you could help us.
  • Designer: Why don't you find a dress and try it on. That way I can get a feel of what you like.
  • Nikki: Wow! OK!
  • Designer: If everything goes well, you can come get it in two days.
  • Sister: Really? Thank you so much!
  • Nikki: (But is there an already-made dress for me......)

Go play DOTA!Edit

  • Nikki: Oh no, the power is out!
  • Momo: Come play with me then.
  • Nikki: I want to play DOTA, play DOTA, play DOTA......
  • Momo: So cruel.
  • Nikki: Oh yeah, internet café! There has to be power there!
  • Momo: Internet cafes are so smoky! Don't wear cotton clothes. It absorbs the smoky smell!
  • Nikki: OK. I will just wear something sloppy!

Horn of WarEdit

  • Nikki: Momo, have you heard of War Game?
  • Momo: Game of war?
  • Nikki: Yeah, something like that. It is like simulated survival game. Sounds exciting. I have signed up already......
  • Momo: You have? Will you get hurt?
  • Nikki: Aww you care about me! I am so moved!
  • Momo: ...... Whatever.
  • Nikki: Don't worry. It's a game so it has to be safe. I need to find my military training clothes.
  • Momo: In case you can't them, something camouflage and loose will do, right?

In the name of educationEdit

  • Nikki: I want to be a tutor so badly. Just two hours a day. Sounds so much easier than being a grocery store cashier.
  • Momo: There are so many parents looking for tutors. Just take a walk and you will find little flyers on the walls.
  • Nikki: Should I contact them right after I find their information?
  • Momo: So you should probably dress like a teacher and go out.

I love ballet!Edit

  • Nikki: I love the ballet.
  • Momo: Won't their toes fall off?
  • Nikki: They must've been practicing for a long time! I want to learn too!
  • Momo: ...... I hope your toes fall off.
  • Nikki: I am going to sign up today.
  • Momo: ...... If you have the extra money, you might as well buy me some marbled pork.
  • Nikki: I will be broke after I sign up. Momo, you will be eating small fish from now on.
  • Momo: Objection!
  • Nikki: I am going to shop for ballet clothes now.

The Romance of Mystery (6)Edit

  • Nikki: (Breathing heavily) Tennis, basketball, fitness, swimming, Ping-Pong, even snooker, I have been to all the venues......
  • Nikki: ...... I am so tired. But I found him! In a BBQ restaurant! What the heck is that?
  • Polo: It's the force. Don't think about it too much.
  • Nikki: How can I not think about it? It's a good thing I found him: he is no longer an athlete so he is not watching what he eats......
  • Nikki: Lately he has been eating a lot on a daily basis. On the day of the murder he was eating prawns at a food stand.
  • Polo: OK OK. It looks like the only suspect number two had the time to commit the crime. We have to get to approach her a little
  • Nikki: She loves baking. Maybe I can ask her to go to a baking class with me. But this is using friends. I feel bad.
  • Polo: We have to do this in order to solve the case. Going to a baking class, you need to look cute and like a chef, right?
  • Polo: Think hard on what to wear. Let her think that you are good at it will make things easier for us.

Let's Rock!Edit

  • Nikki: Oh I am so excited! My whole body is boiling!
  • Momo: What's so special today? I have never seen you so excited even at BBQs.
  • Nikki: The band that we have been working so hard on is having a rehearsal soon!
  • Momo: Oh...... is this that rock band?
  • Nikki: Yes, do you feel like you want to rock with us?
  • Momo: ...... I feel like sleeping.
  • Nikki: Hey......
  • Momo: Going to a rock band in a dress, what are you thinking?
  • Nikki: Hmm...... I got so excited I picked the wrong clothes. What should I wear? Something spunky will be awesome.


  • Nikki: Tomorrow our cosplay club is having a play!
  • Momo: You will be perfect for passer-by A.
  • Nikki: It is cosplay and not a movie! Wait, what do you mean I will be perfect for passer-by A. Do I look like a passer-by to you?
  • Momo: Haha I didn't say that.
  • Nikki: Cut it out. Tomorrow will be my favorite part: costume drama.
  • Momo: Costume drama...... you don't lack costumes. Just pick out anything.
  • Nikki: Because of this is cosplay, the costumes have to be a little more expressive. I need to find something

The Romance of Mystery (7)Edit

  • Polo: How is it going? Any progress?
  • Nikki: Yes. She says she loves baking, but she is obviously a newbie. She made a huge mess in the classroom.
  • Nikki: But she looked so happy. I guess she really loves baking.
  • Polo: She is simply clumsy!
  • Nikki: Yeah? Do I keep going with this investigation? She says she wants to go to the aquarium next week.
  • Polo: We can't fall short! No matter what difficulties we face, we have to keep moving forward!
  • Nikki: But...... I am out of funds......
  • Polo: Oh, that......
  • Nikki: Have you considered my salary and stuff, Mr. detective?
  • Polo: Hmm, that...... This really is a serious obstacle......
  • Nikki: What should we do?
  • Polo: Keep working, and be frugal with your budget. Hmm, I have to find the murderer...... because......

Should be high-class sometimesEdit

  • Momo: The two tickets on the table are about to expire.
  • Nikki: What tickets?
  • Momo: What is it?
  • Nikki: These are the show tickets I won a little while ago. The date is today! It says "Peony Pavilion"!
  • Momo: ......
  • Nikki: Go with me~
  • Momo: What's in it for me?
  • Nikki: Well, I'll give you a whole piece of marbled pork.
  • Momo: Then I gladly accept it! Don't dress so casually to a play. You want to look intelligent and elegant.
  • Nikki: How about a costume?
  • Momo: Are you going to perform?

Working is a good way to kill timeEdit

  • Nikki: Staying home for two months for the summer break is so boring.
  • Momo: I hear a grocery store is hiring part-time workers. Why don't you give it a try?
  • Nikki: Sounds great! I could use some more cash!
  • Momo: Two hours to do the interview......
  • Nikki: Clothes! I have to change cloths! Although it's a part-time job, I still should wear something formal to a

Graveyard visit a graveEdit

  • Nikki: Tomorrow the school is having a cemetery visit.
  • Momo: You have only worn this butterfly dress once. What a shame.
  • Nikki: I still want to wear it tomorrow!
  • Momo: ...... be careful not to be thrown out.
  • Nikki: But this is my favorite. Do I have to change into something heavy and serious...... Let me see, dark colored clothes......

Shining star (7)Edit

  • Nikki: The door of the studio is open......
  • Sister: Is anyone in?
  • ......
  • Sister: We are coming in!
  • (studio is empty and messy)
  • Nikki: Oh gosh! Did something happen here?
  • Sister: Costume party is tonight. Please, no surprises.
  • Nikki: Are you worried about the costumes or the person?
  • Sister: Shh...... someone is on the rooftop.
  • Designer: ......
  • Sister: We have been looking all over for you!
  • Designer: ......
  • Sister: Excuse me......
  • Designer: For a designer, nothing is more painful than lack of inspirations.
  • Nikki: Is there anything we can do?
  • Designer: ......
  • Sister: What kind of clothes are you planning on designing?
  • Designer: Go and find a classic European dress and put it on!
  • Nikki: Are you talking to me?
  • Designer: Hmm? Yes! You! I should design it like this...... or this...... Hmmm. Oh god!
  • Nikki: You scared me!
  • Designer: What are you waiting for? I won't give you the dress until you help me find my inspirations!


  • Nikki: Social experiments...... Sorting books in the library?
  • Momo: Were you sent to the library?
  • Nikki: No, I signed up for it.
  • Momo: What are you so excited about?
  • Nikki: I thought I would be in charge of book checkout. But who knew I was doing book sorting.
  • Momo: Even if it is only book sorting, you should still wear something elegant. Yeah, elegant and student-like. otherwise you won't
  • Nikki: No way! I have a permit!
  • Momo: They will still be suspicious!

Cram before the final!Edit

  • Nikki: Final is tomorrow, but I haven't studied yet. What should I do!
  • Momo: This is what you get for playing origami and not studying during the semester......
  • Nikki: If I don't finish studying, I will fail. If I fail I will have to do make-up exams. What should I do!
  • Momo: This is what you get for playing origami and not studying during the semester......
  • Nikki: I need to pull an all-nighter!
  • Momo: Do what they did in history books: tie your hair to the house beam and stuff, so you don't fall asleep.
  • Nikki: Which is why I can't wear my pajamas. I need to wear something tight to make me feel nervous!

Work out in the gymEdit

  • Nikki: Winter is here.
  • Momo: Good time to hibernate.
  • Nikki: Not sweating at all is bad for you. Oh, a gym just opened and they are having promotions. I am going to sign up!
  • Momo: Do what you like...... are you going to torture yourself?
  • Nikki: Torture? I am going to work out! I am going on the treadmill!
  • Momo: Can you run on the treadmill with so many clothes on?
  • Nikki: I can wear my sweatshirt on the inside. I will take off my down jacket of course~ I'll just look for a sweatshirt.

Will I be a model?!Edit

  • Momo: What are you looking for turning the house upside down?
  • Nikki: A magazine wants me to shoot a print commercial! Isn't it awesome?!
  • Momo: It seems urgent.
  • Nikki: Yes it is......
  • Momo: But did they specify the clothes for the shooting?
  • Nikki: No they didn't. It's such a pain...... Do I have any clothes that look good on camera?
  • Momo: They are legit, are they?
  • Nikki: I was given the phone number in the streets......

Shining star (8)Edit

  • Sister: It's so unfair. I was the one invited to the costume party, but you got all the attention......
  • Nikki: Anyway, let's go thank the designer.
  • Sister: Staring......
  • Nikki: Let's...... go...... thank...... the...... designer......
  • Sister: OK...... Since I am such a grownup, I will go with you.
  • Nikki: Well......
  • Sister: Come back!
  • Nikki: What is it?
  • Sister: You are making me look bad thanking him in a vest!
  • Nikki: Why do I have to dress so formally every time......
  • Sister: Hehe, dress prettier help you get attention. And I remember that he has a design competition coming up.
  • Nikki: What does it have to do with me!
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