The following are transcriptions of the game's story stages.


An Idle HolidayEdit

  • Nikki: It feels so good to stay home and do nothing on my day off. I don't want to move.
  • Nikki: Belly growls...
  • Nikki: I am hungry... I will just grab a bite nearby. Hey, Momo, want to grab a bite with me?
  • Momo: Going out with someone in pajamas? No.
  • Nikki: What are you talking about? Everyone is dressed like this.
  • Momo: Can you be a little bit normal?
  • Nikki: We are only going somewhere close. Comfy is top priority. Who cares.

Let's Go SwimmingEdit

  • Nikki: It is so hot I don't want to move.
  • Momo: Come be a homebody with me for the whole summer!
  • Nikki: No, I will be fat. I need exercise!
  • Momo: Well then... Have fun running.
  • Nikki: I swim in the summer. Check out my goggles.
  • Momo: Please don't get too excited and go out in swimsuit!
  • Nikki: Stop joking around! I will wear my regular clothes and bring my swimsuit with me.

Shining star (1)Edit

  • Momo: Weren't you staying home with me today?
  • Nikki: It's so boring staying home all day. I told sister that I would go shopping with her.
  • Momo: OK, don't forget to bring me a pound of marbled pork.
  • Nikki: Um, I was going clothes shopping, not grocery shopping!
  • Momo: There is marbled pork in grocery stores.
  • Nikki: I am going to clothing stores!
  • Momo: I was only asking for a little meat...
  • Nikki: I am going to change. What should I wear? I need to wear something that can match everything for clothes shopping.
  • Momo: (I hope your clothes are torn)

Three Kingdom's Kill!Edit

  • Nikki: Frosty and some friends are playing Three Kingdoms and are one player short. They want me to join them.
  • Momo: Please don't embarrass yourself...
  • Nikki: What are you talking about? I am actually not bad. Although I do kill off my own team sometimes...... Oh it is not a big deal.
  • Momo: Are you going to wear a costume to the game?
  • Nikki: Wow! How did you know? This is a Three Kingdom game party slash costume party. I don't even know if I have the costume......

The Romance of Mystery (1)Edit

  • Nikki: Momo! Listen, I was so scared today! There was a black shadow following me when I was walking home from school!
  • Momo: I am sure it was just your imagination!
  • Nikki: No it wasn't! I walk that dark road every week because I attend after student club events! I am used to that road!
  • Momo: If there really was a black shadow, why would it follow you? Are you wealthy? Are you attractive? Are you a secret agent?
  • Nikki: Am I attractive...... Hehe.
  • Momo: It is not enough......
  • Nikki: Shut up!
  • Momo: Try to wear something ugly that hurts people's eyes and see if the black shadow still follows you!

Try on the maid's costumeEdit

  • Nikki: I am going to a comic show with some classmates next week!
  • Momo: Oh are you going to spend all of your allowance again?
  • Nikki: No way. I told you I was opening Maid Coffee House.
  • Momo: (Choking......)
  • Nikki: Black stockings or white stockings.
  • Momo: (Choking......)
  • Nikki: Momo!
  • Momo: Sigh...... I think as long as you wear something that is cute and maid-like you will be fine. I don't know much about this stuff.

The Romance of Mystery (2)Edit

  • Nikki: ...... (walking faster)
  • Nikki: ............ (walking faster and faster)
  • Nikki: x
  • Masked Man: Ah! What, what do you want?
  • Nikki: I should be asking you that question! Why have you been following me these past couple of days? Pervert!
  • Polo: I am not a pervert. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Polo. I am a detective.
  • Nikki: What a weird name.
  • Polo: Let me explain. You walk across this park to go home every Thursday and Friday night at around 10, correct?
  • (Nikki): Yeah...... I go home last because of the student club events......
  • Polo: A month ago there was a murder in this park, which happened around 10 o'clock on a Friday night......
  • Polo: You might be the only witness. Please try to remember what happened that night.
  • (Nikki): Murder? I have never heard about it...... I don't remember anything!
  • Polo: What? This is your attitude towards a murder case?!
  • Nikki: I don't remember anything!
  • Polo: Oh my! You are the only witness...... I am so surprised.
  • Polo: Because of your carelessness, you have increased the difficulty of solving the case. You must compensate!
  • Nikki: Compensate? What the hell!
  • Polo: Go home and change into something that fits the role of detective assistant. I will be waiting for you.
  • Nikki: No way!
  • Polo: Don't you want to work side by side with a famous detective and fight for justice? The future of this country lies on your
  • Nikki: OKAY!

Dad's photography exhibitionEdit

  • Nikki: Nervous, nervous, nervous.
  • Momo: You have been acting weird all morning! What is going on?
  • Nikki: Nervous, nervous, nervous.
  • Momo: Are you casting a spell or something?
  • Nikki: One more hour...... until dad's photography exhibit starts!
  • Momo: It's not like it is your exhibit.
  • Nikki: But I still need to make an appearance!
  • Momo: If you knew you were going, why are you dressed so rural...... Please take off your turban!
  • Nikki: What turban? Huh? This is a scarf! How did this end up on my head anyway......
  • Momo: Please try your best to wear something elegant. Well, try as you might, I know you won't be able to look elegant......

May I drink sometimes?Edit

  • Nikki: Momo......
  • Momo: What's up?
  • Nikki: I want to go to a bar......
  • Momo: Are you going to give up your good girl image?
  • Nikki: Oh it's no big deal to go every once in a while.
  • Momo: I am not going. I hate noisy places.
  • Nikki: But what am I going to wear? They said to wear something "open", but I am so nervous......

Shining star (2)Edit

  • Nikki: Hmm, their clothes here are very special. I am going to check it out. I don't think sister will be upset.
  • Sales clerk: Welcome! How may I help you?
  • Nikki: I am just looking around.
  • Sales clerk: These are all our spring new arrivals. Very soft and comfortable.
  • Momo: (I hope your clothes are torn).
  • Nikki: (Suddenly feeling the chills) It is very pretty but I think I need something more durable......
  • Sales clerk: More durable......
  • Nikki: Oh crap. We are meeting at 2 o'clock but it's 2:30! I have to hurry!

Spring outingEdit

  • Momo: What's going on? You have been giggling since you came home.
  • Nikki: My school is having a spring trip. My whole world has just lit up!
  • Momo: You make it sound like you don't get to play at all......
  • Nikki: Oh, going out with classmates is a great feeling. Can you understand?
  • Momo: Sleeping at home is the greatest feeling.
  • Nikki: Snacks, my snacks!
  • Momo: What did you put your high heels outside for?
  • Nikki: Don't you think these white high heels would look great in pictures?
  • Momo: If you want to walk around in high heels, feel free...... I hope your heels fall off.
  • Nikki: Knock it off! Do I have to wear flats? Hmm...... According to the weather forecast, today will be a warm way. I will wear

The Romance of Mystery (3)Edit

  • Nikki: This is so exciting! I feel like a heroine in a logic game!
  • Momo: As long as you are not killed off......
  • Nikki: Heroines won't be die! See you later!
  • Nikki: (a few minutes later) Are you there, Mr. Detective?
  • Polo: Hm. Good! Let's get into the case.
  • Polo: We have three suspects. They all had issues with the victim.
  • Polo: But these three people are very hard to approach. So in order to collect more clues, I am sending you out!
  • Nikki: Me? Am I qualified......
  • Polo: Of course! You have something that no one else has......
  • Polo: You love changing clothes, and that is perfect for sneaking in!
  • Nikki: What can I say...... It doesn't exactly sound like a compliment......
  • Polo: Suspect number one is a corporate employee; a total homebody; lives a very simple work-and-home life;
  • Polo: The only way to approach him is to go to Maid Coffee House where he is a regular. We hear that once he gets there, he can't
  • Nikki: I couldn't do...... that......
  • Polo: I couldn't, either! They would kick me out if I dressed as a maid.

Go take pictures!Edit

  • Nikki: Dad says the daisy are blossoming in Yokohama-Town and we are going to take pictures tomorrow!
  • Momo: Pictures? You'd better dress up.
  • Nikki: I love bright yellow clothes!
  • Momo: Are you trying to blend in with the daisy?
  • Nikki: Well...... I will wear denim then.
  • Momo: Denim will seem too blunt in the daisy field......
  • Nikki: So I should wear something soft and colorful but not yellow......

Shining star (3)Edit

  • Sister: There will be a costumes party in a couple of days, come help me pick out a dress.
  • Nikki: Hey didn't we agree to go shopping together?
  • Sister: Oh no, I suddenly remembered this costume party. Just help me pick out clothes.
  • Nikki: (What is wrong with her......)
  • Sister: Didn't you buy an outfit yourself?
  • Nikki: Yeah but it was because I couldn't resist.
  • Sister: So go to the costume party with me!
  • Nikki: So...... Should I pick an outfit for myself too?
  • Sister: Sure, I look so elegant in an evening dress. Nikki, don't you think my dress is so pretty?
  • Nikki: Yeah it is. But why wear an evening dress to a costume party? I'll pick something special......

I love the old times!Edit

  • Nikki: Drama is my favorite!
  • Momo: I've noticed that you love to say "favorite". Everything is your "favorite"......
  • Nikki: But it is really cute...... It's got that unique vintage feel......
  • Momo: (Oh please)
  • Nikki: I am going to wear a Republic of China costume and visit Chinatown.
  • Momo: (Are you going to time travel......)

Skill ExchangeEdit

  • Nikki: Skill exchange is very big now...... I should get on LinkedIn and start doing that too.
  • Momo: What are you skills?
  • Nikki: I rock at origami! I can fold anything out of a piece of paper!
  • Momo: ......
  • Nikki: Hey someone is looking for me! Says they will teach me to swim!
  • Momo: Sounds like a pervert......
  • Nikki: Hey another person is looking for me! Says to teach me DOTA!
  • Momo: That's pretty cool.
  • Nikki: But I don't want to learn origami!
  • Momo: ......
  • Nikki: Oh! A lady who works at a foreign company wants to practice English with me. She is also interested in paper folding!
  • Nikki: If I go I'll have to look smart. A modern female intellectual outfit will earn me points.

The Romance of Mystery (4)Edit

  • Polo: How did it go? Did you find any clues in Maid Coffee House?
  • Nikki: Well, he said he was a master at Fight the Landlord. But really, he sucks.
  • Polo: Anything else?
  • Nikki: No.
  • Polo: Nothing else? Did you go just to play Fight the Landlord??
  • Nikki: Oh I almost forgot, at the time of the murder, he was in the store. Lots of store employees can testify.
  • Nikki: It is about a half hour drive from the store to the park. So it looks like he is not your guy.
  • Polo: Very good development. Now let me tell you about suspect number two.
  • Polo: She works in a kindergarten nearby; lives alone; no boyfriend. I think she should be happy making new friends.
  • Nikki: This one seems to be a lot easier!
  • Polo: But sneaking into the kindergarten is no easy job. Will you dressed as a teacher or a parent?

Let's DIY!Edit

  • Nikki: Fizzy Craft Store is having a promotion soon. The pretty store owner will teach you crafting herself! I want to make a cute
  • Momo: Pretty store owner is just an advertisement.
  • Nikki: I have been there. The owner really is pretty!
  • Momo: Then no matter what you wear, you won't look prettier. Might as well just wear anything.
  • Nikki: OK. Something simple and cute will do.

Our Book FestivalEdit

  • Nikki: Oh god, the college book festival is coming up again!
  • Momo: Book festival?
  • Nikki: You didn't know? It is a festival where you can sell or exchange used books. I have been looking forward for this for a long
  • Momo: Then you should wear something unusual to attract business!
  • Nikki: What are you talking about! It's a book festival, of course I will wear something girlie and cute.

Shining star (4)Edit

  • Sister: None of your clothes fits for an evening party. Hurry up and go buy something! There is not much time left!
  • Nikki: I thought we said we weren't going shopping.
  • Sister: When I say go, you go!
  • Nikki: None of these dresses work? I think they are cute.
  • Sister: No, sisters have to wear a set. You are going to try on the evening dresses later. Pants are hard to take off.
  • Sister: Wear something that's easy to take off, like a simple dress.
  • Nikki: Easy to take off......
  • Sister: But now that I think about it, I have no idea where we can find evening dresses...... Anyway, let's go!
  • Nikki: Hey, wait for me......

The female Sherlock Holmes!Edit

  • Nikki: Momo, have you seen Sherlock Holmes?
  • Momo: Yeah. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are really......
  • Nikki: There is a detective party tomorrow. I want to go as Sherlock Holmes! It'll be so cool!
  • Momo: (I am not going to go as Watson)
  • Nikki: Let me see if they have anything Sherlock Holmes like!
  • Momo: I think anything that makes you look intelligent will do......

Han Chinese costume show!Edit

  • Nikki: Momo, look! A Chinese silk robe! Pretty, isn't it?
  • Momo: I think the prettiest thing in the world is marbled pork.
  • Nikki: It would be great if the student club could have a Chinese silk robe fashion show.
  • Momo: Don't forget that the left lapel is for dead people.
  • Nikki: Left lapel? What is that?
  • Momo: I mean that the left collar covers the right collar!
  • Nikki: Oh...... Let me see if my Chinese dress is the left lapel.
  • Momo: That is for dead people!
  • Nikki: Hmmm...... Chinese robe or no Chinese robe. I should wear one tomorrow to show the club president. Then I can
  • Momo:
  • Nikki: Were you listening to me......

Whimsical outfitEdit

  • Nikki: Momo, look how cute the mickey mouse costumes in the amusement park are! I want one.
  • Momo: Are you sure you won't get thrown out by mickey mouse?
  • Nikki: I can at least imitate. For example, when I go to the nursery center, I wear something cute to play with babies.
  • Momo: Momo is cute.
  • Nikki: Staring......
  • Momo: You are creeping me out staring at me like that.
  • Nikki: It sure is cute dressing up like Momo!

Shining star (5)Edit

  • Nikki: We have been walking around for three hours and still haven't bought anything.
  • Sister: True, everything on this street is cheap. Evening dresses are expensive......
  • Nikki: But didn't the Sales clerk in a store recommend a designer just now?
  • Sister: Oh I almost forgot. Let's go home, change, and pay him a visit.
  • Nikki: We have to change?
  • Sister: You can't visit a fashion designer in something so casual!
  • Nikki: I have to wear something formal......
  • Sister: Of course!
  • Nikki: I wonder if the designer even wants to see us.

Let's go shopping!Edit

  • Nikki: Overall...... stockings...... coat...... skirt......! (hit her head on the closet) Ouch!
  • Momo: ...... Are you going on a blind date?
  • Nikki: I made a cute little lion back pack the other day. I want to go shopping with it.
  • Momo: Well, you just want to look cute......
  • Nikki: Wouldn't it be a waste to make a bag and not use it?
  • Momo: Then dress as a middle schooler. Remember to put away the black stockings that are on your bed.
  • Nikki: Speaking of, summer is just around the corner. What was I going to buy when I go shopping today...... I can't remember!
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