Hecate, Keeper of Abyss, accidentally lost her staff in Miraland. Greenfield Tower that lost in the fire came back with those ghosts from time rifts.

The Night of Starfall event was a hell event[1] that first ran from August 14th to 20th, 2018. It then returned for a second season from May 11th to 17th, 2019.

See also: Minor Subplots/Night of Starfall.

How to Play Edit

The event had a pavilion that allowed players to use Diamond to draw and gain materials for the suits Final Song, Overdrive Cycle, and Beat of Abyss. 1 free draw was given daily and more could be bought for 30 Diamond each.

Initial Run Edit

During the initial run of the event, the player could also receive Gold, Stamina, and Diamond in addition to the event currency. During the event's return, the player could only receive Gold and Stamina.

Event Currency Edit

Each draw from the pavilion gave a number of Taboo Seal, which come in three types:Chain (Chains),Rampant Virus (Rampant Viruses), andRusty Wing (Rusty Wings). Each of these event currencies corresponds respectively to the event's suits.

After collecting 10, 25, and 50 of each Taboo Seal, pieces of the suit were received. At 50 of a certain currency, the entire suit was received.

After 50 of a currency type is reached, it can be converted and exchanged into another Taboo Seal.

  • 3Chaincan be exchanged for 1Rampant Virus or 1Rusty Wing
  • 3Rampant Viruscan be exchanged for 1Rusty Wing

Suits Edit

Final Song Edit

Final Song

Collect Chainto get pieces of the Final Song suit.

#Seals Items
10 Chain

P Bullet Seal of Sanction
P Bullet Promise of Forgiveness
P Bullet Chain of Fate
P Bullet Heartbeat of Passion

25 Chain

P Bullet Sound of Tear
P Bullet Broken Order
P Bullet Bizarre Storm
P Bullet Fantasy of Time
P Bullet Hel Butterfly

50 Chain

P Bullet Song of Sorrow
P Bullet Rules of Rebellion
P Bullet Ashes of Snow
P Bullet Restless Beats
P Bullet Shining Star Soul
P Bullet Undead Singer

Overdrive Cycle Edit

Overdrive Cycle

CollectRampant Virus to get pieces the suit Overdrive Cycle.

#Seals Items
10 Rampant Virus

P Bullet Fire of Freedom
P Bullet Throbbing Magic
P Bullet Electronic Voyage
P Bullet Fallen Shadow

25 Rampant Virus

P Bullet Shadow Afloat
P Bullet Electronic Kingdom
P Bullet Scar of Chain
P Bullet Magic Resound

50 Rampant Virus

P Bullet Illusion of Phantom
P Bullet Electronic Q
P Bullet Loop of Distortion
P Bullet Undying Snow
P Bullet Image of Abyss

Beat of Abyss Edit

Beat of Abyss

CollectRusty Wing to get pieces the suit Beat of Abyss.

#Seals Items
10 Rusty Wing

P Bullet Corruption and Rust
P Bullet Fate Chain
P Bullet Quiet Night
P Bullet Fiery Trace
P Bullet Flame Tip

25 Rusty Wing

P Bullet Gone with Ashes
P Bullet Fallen Dust
P Bullet Lucifer
P Bullet Rang Zone
P Bullet Blood Occult Stick

50 Rusty Wing

P Bullet Abyss Brisk Drum
P Bullet Wings of Nine Wheels
P Bullet Unique Past
P Bullet Ultimate Truth
P Bullet Final Carnival

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 Though the Night of Starfall is not a story suit event, the format of the event is most similar to a hell event.
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