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Night's Shore is a set of Story Suits. It contains the Mermaid's Music, Star Sea Safari and Azure Adventure suits, which can be obtained from the Stele Sphere event.

Completion Prize: 50 Diamonds.

Mermaid's Music[]

Mermaid's Music.png
The leaden night was dispersed by dawn, and the agitated lake gradually subsided.
Lake Bovaly was no longer my home; the mermaid city disappeared forever as the last darkness was sealed at its bottom. The lake could no longer reflect the stars. I dare not to gaze at the deep water for fear of seeing the broken scales risen to the surface; and I never want to see the once familiar face sinking to the bottom, dead.
Everyone had paid a heavy price, and the joy of victory never came. The morning breezes were stained by the sobs of the survivors, and the soil along the shore was soaked by blood. That is the last impression I had of Lake Bovaly.
I sang an elegy for the lost ones, and the song drew the mist of the lake, turning into a transparent patronus. It seemed to carry the wishes of its dead master, firmly traveling down the river. I remembered an elf whom I met only once, and as if guided by something, I decided to follow it down the river.
As the elegy floating over the forest, birds began to accompany me along the shore. Timid squirrels and elk came out from their hiding-places to greet me, but I could not find another one of my kin.
I drifted wearily with the water, unwilling to think about where the other mermaids are. I could only keep singing, pinning my uncertain hopes on the song carrying far away by the winds. So long as I did not stop singing, my people would find the direction to reunite with me
The elves gave me the first rays of the morning sun to light my way. They silently watched when I was leaving. The lake was no longer the home of mermaids.
The dwarves repaired the lute for me, and began to renovate the ruins trampled by the war. In many places, I could still see open fires and smoke that had not been extinguished. Looking at the dilapidated walls, I knew that this was still no merman's home
When I left the forest, there were very few kin around me. They had sung to their limits in the war, and could never make voices again. So, it was only me still singing.
Heard my singing, humans along the shore opened the door in disbelief and walked out. I conveyed the message of peace to them, and comforted the wounded and dead with singing. The human village was gradually returning to life, but we still did not know where our home was.
Passing through this continent reborn from the flames of war, I saw a sudden widening of the river. This quiet and gentle river merged into a completely unfamiliar water. The patronus who guided me along the way hit the white waves, turned back to mist, and disappeared under the clear sky.
The refreshing sea breeze took away the bloody smell left on my body, and the clear waves gently washed my soul. Although I had inspired countless people with my singing, I never dared to show my inner confusion in front of my kin. But then, the anxiety that has accumulated for a long time was finally comforted by the sea, and all my concerns and missions were ended.
I placed the first rays of Pigeon Forest at the bottom of the sea. As if the chorus of the mermaids once rang in my ears, all my fatigue was gone. I seemed to have become a part of the singing, allowing the trade wind take me back to Lake Bovaly.

Star Sea Safari[]

Star Sea Safari.png
The distant wind passes through the wilderness, and the Pigeon Forest stands on the continent like an ancient monument. In the long years, faith and the moon rise from the surface of the water. People look at the moon and cherish the memory of the past.
The dwarves who were good at making machinery were once the happiest people on the land. They had dexterous hands and clever minds. Those fantastic ideas that existed only on the drawing board were transformed in their hands into amazing machines.
Dwarf Josie was as talented as her mother. From an early age, she had a wish to travel around the continent in a self-made airship. She imitated her mother and began to sketch the deep blue hull and magnificent portholes... She wanted so many things, but her mother said, you couldn't have everything you want.
Josie said glumly: 'Then how do I choose?'
Her mother rubbed her hair, smiling, and said after long pause, 'You will know what you really want.'
Josie grew up in the company of her squiggly drawings. Later, she finally had her own airship and began the long-awaited journey.
The continent was magnificent and vast. The scenery, once seen only in books, materialized into distant mountains and seas under the airship. The radiant moonlight shone on Josie's face like her mother's gentle stroke.
However, the peace did not last long on the continent. The war raged everywhere, and the Kindred invaded Josie's hometown. Various races pointed their swords at each other's hearts.
The beloved airship was full of Josie's softest dream in her girlhood. But now, as she drove the airship through the flames and smoke of war, her dreams wrapped in colorful bubbles were pushed aside by reality and became a support that came to mind when she was tired.
The airship was scarred in the war, and Josie, who was running around, had no time to repair the lusterless hull. She saw countless children displaced in the war and saw many young people like herself defending their homes in their own way.
The war spread to the City of Reflections, and her former comrades left one after another, but Josie's airship could not enter the city. She spent the night carefully repairing the airship. The porthole was as beautiful and bright as it had been many years ago In the faint moonlight, Josie finally understood what her mother had not said.
You will know what you really want.
Once she looked down on this continent from the airship and saw the people on this vast land bustling about in peace and comfort. However, turmoil and war raged every inch of the land, and the world changed beyond recognition.
No dwarf can bear abandoning their masterpieces, but Josie left her best work at home. She went to the City of Reflections alone, with the answer that came many years too late.
Mother, I know what I really want.
In those distant and soft days, her mother would revise her drawings with a gentle smile. Under the silvery moonlight shedding through the window, little Josie was dreaming her countless innocent dreams.
Until she got there, she would never look back.
The wind blows through the forest, and the traces of time scatter over the land. Hopes, beliefs and ideals are like the everlasting moon, rising again and again at the end of the sky.
That moonlight, do you see it?

Azure Adventure[]

Azure Adventure.jpeg
The water is my sword.
The bottom of the lake is like a chasm in an abyss, and the monsters rushed forth and dashed against the defenses. I have forgotten how I killed my first enemy. I only remember cutting their throats with ice blades.
I never thought that one day I would use soft water to kill, but it didn't seem like a difficult step to take. I didn't know whom to ask about who they were, where they came from, and why they attacked the elves. When I returned home from the distant sea, saw blood splashing in the thick mist on the lake at first glance. I didn't need an answer, because fighting was my only choice .
High waves surged on the surface of the lake, and the cold water washed over me, but inside I felt as if there was a fire burning. Each day, my companions fell by my side, sleeping forever at the bottom of the lake. I might be the next.
I was not afraid of death or killing. I would bear the last will of each lost soul and fight with those bloodthirsty monsters.
The water is my armor.
To help me protect the forest, the Hawksbill came to the battlefield. He was my faithful companion and patronus. He used his body of dense water to ward off my enemies.
The lake was filled with blood, and the blood of enemies, smelling of darkness, polluted the pure spirit of Lake Bovaly. I gradually lost control of the water and could no longer repair the cracks on Hawksbill's body. I looked around, finding everyone was bruised.
I could not even save the life of the Hawksbill. He turned into vapor when saving a mermaid. I had no time to mourn for him but only protected the mermaid behind me. Her beautiful scales had lost their luster, and the strings in her hands were almost broken. She beat the shells and sang me battle song in a hoarse voice.
I faintly heard spirits praying for the elves over Lake Bovali, and the fury of the forest and the lake condensed and poured upon the enemies like mountains.
The lake will be my coffin.
My strength was draining away, the lake no longer responded to my call, but I could still burn my life. Blood flowed from my unhealed wounds and spread in the lake, condensing into blades to take the enemy's lives.
My blood would eventually run out, and I would melt into the gentle embrace of Lake Bovaly, as so many of my comrades had done. I knew that someone would carry on my spirit and take up arms to guard the peace. I guessed that dawn was coming, for I was losing sight of the stars overhead, and I could faintly hear the elegy sung by the mermaid.
I recalled the blue water of Dew Ocean and the happy time I had spent chasing dolphins. I tried to touch the white waves, but the wind blew away my shadow.


Name by Server[]

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