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Aliases Colonel Nidhogg
Prime Minister
Physical and Vital Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Zodiac Scorpio
Height 183cm
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Dark gray, gray
Professional Statistics
Occupation Leader of the Northern army
Prime Minister of Lilith Kingdom
Affiliation Lilith Kingdom
North Kingdom
Tyre Coalition
Personal Status
Game 3-3 Prime Minister's Secretary
Voice Actors
Nidhogg (formerly known as Henry) is the Prime Minister of Lilith Kingdom, although he originally hails from North Kingdom. He won the favor of Queen Nanari when he showcased his famous Rose Dress. With her falling ill, he has assumed a lot of responsibility in running the kingdom.

While generally strict and professional, he seems to have a soft spot for his timid secretary, Yvette, who he keeps around despite her poor track record in fashion battles.



The mark left by where a person was born is permanent. When Lilith's look of Prime Minister has become symbolic of Nidhogg, even after putting on the northern military uniform, his charm still goes with it so naturally, one cannot help to praise and admire - the real Nidhogg. He is mesmerising like the dark night, he is sharp as the cutting edge of a blade.

The smile of Nidhogg, is it buried together with the memories of Lilith's departure?

— Nidhogg's description in the Time Diary

Nidhogg is a tall man who wears dark, formal clothing most of the time. He has dark hair with a streak of silver in his bangs.


Nidhogg has a cool, calculating exterior, rarely cracking jokes. However, it is said he holds a soft spot for teasing his secretary Yvette.

Underneath his polite and coold facade, however, there's a deeply wounded and extremely ruthless man. His harsh experiences as an orphan from the gelid and war-like North Kingdom have convinced him that Miraland is a deeply flawed place and that he must change it at all costs. As such, he is willing to betray the trust of the Lilith Royal Family and plunge the continent into an all-out war so he will be able to defy the "fake peace" coming from the Blood Curse, which harms anyone who uses force on others.


Past Edit

Nidhogg was born in North Kingdom, and became an orphan at some point. He later gained power by appearing at the Designer's Tea Party and designing the Rose Dress, and became Prime Minister of Lilith.

Chapter 3 'Witch and Star Sea' Edit

Nidhogg first appears here to watch the play, reprimanding Yvette for wasting time competing with Nikki and not even winning. After the events of the chapter go down, he is seen evacuating with Yvette.

Chapter 4 The Tea Party Edit

Nidhogg and Yvette are at the Rose Garden in Wintermount, Lilith. It is revealed that this is where he made his debut at the Designer's Tea Party, and that the Rose Garden was built in honor of his accomplishments.

Chapter 7 Celestial Pavilion Edit

Nikki and her friends properly meet Nidhogg for the first time while on a cruise ship on the Celestial Lake in Cloud Empire. Nidhogg shows curiosity in Nikki as a stylist after hearing that she beat Yvette. He also reveals that Kimi told him that she chose Cloud Empire to train herself as a stylist.

Nidhogg mentions that Nikki may run into a gentleman-like soldier from Apple Federation in Moonlit City. Yvette cheerfully praises Orlando, but Nidhogg interrupts and has Yvette duel Nikki. In Chapter 8, this soldier is revealed to be Orlando, a friend of Kimi who was working with Nidhogg to investigate the apparent damage of the Iron Rose on Moonlit City.

Chapter 9 Styling Contest Prelude Edit

Nidhogg is seen preparing for the Styling Contest with Yvette at the beginning of the chapter. Yvette asks him if it is okay for them to schedule a guard deployment meeting for tomorrow, and Nidhogg says he will handle it himself.

After Nikki prepares for the Styling Contest, she learns that Nidhogg and Royce believe that this year is different: someone will try to cause trouble.

Chapter 11 Styling Contest Finals Edit

Nidhogg oversees the finals of the contest. After Nikki and Sherry finish the first match, Nidhogg tells Royce there is an intruder in the outside garden of Queen Nanari's palace. Royce is concerned over his sister's safety and leaves immediately, leaving Nidhogg in charge.

After the second match, the people in the front row draw swords, causing panic in the audience. Nikki realizes that Nidhogg has disappeared, and she and her friends escape the styling contest.

Chapter 12 Chaos in City Edit

Royce reveals that Nidhogg has betrayed Lilith, and that he has always desired power. He adds that he had some suspicions about Nidhogg's grim intentions before the Styling Contest, but did not want him to find out.

Royce manages to take control of the city using the Lilith Army, but he says that Nidhogg is behind the rebellion that has taken place. Nidhogg loses his position as Prime Minister, and is suspected to have returned to North Kingdom where he grew up.

Chapter 14 Lady's Choice Edit

While Nikki and her friends are in the Republic Wasteland, Nidhogg leads an army from North to a very important location: Cloud City. Amphithea News discovers and reports on this. Nikki, who is in her way to retrieve a powerful scroll to help Lilith Kingdom, changes her mind and decides to see if she can help Lunar.

Chapter 15 Besieging Of The Cloud City Edit

Nidhogg engages in a duel to the death with Lunar, who is defending Cloud City, and fatally wounds her just as Nikki and her friends arrive, suffering the Blood Curse that affects all citizens of Miraland. As he pays respects to the late Lunar, Bobo asks him why he decided to start the war, but he refuses to answer.

When the group try to convince Nikki to fight him, Nidhogg says that the peace brought about by the blood curse is a false peace. Bobo gets angry at him, telling him that he benefits from the false peace too, because of his victory at Wintermount at the Designer's Tea Party all those years ago. Nidhogg gives Nikki the chance to compete with him.

Nidhogg shows off the skill Dark Verdict in the battle, which reduces Nikki's score to only 10,000 points. Only after attempting to fight him over and over does the Iron Rose bring the Dawnblade, which impresses even Nidhogg. With this tool, he finally loses to Nikki, and removes his soldiers from Cloud City.

Ozeca, an officer from the League Till Army, asks Nidhogg why he let Nikki and her friends go. He says it's his own business. She offers him the No. 7 Reagent, which can reduce his pain from the blood curse, but he declines it because he wants to be aware of the suffering. Ozeca asks if they should contact "him", but Nidhogg says he will arrange it himself. It is not clear who they are speaking of.


Yvette Edit

Ozeca Edit



  • "If one does not have power he will be eliminated. Remember this and accompany me now to the conference."
    — Nidhogg to Yvette in 3-3 Prime Minister's Secretary.
  • "War goes hand in hand with pain. Once you start a war, you should be aware of the suffering."
    — Nidhogg to Ozeca in 15-Side Story 4 No. 7 Reagent.

Login GiftEdit

  • "It's a gift I prepared for you."
    — Nidhogg's envelope.
  • "Keep going, so that we can meet at the finale."
    — Nidhogg's envelope once opened.


In Love Nikki there are descriptions on each clothing and some can give insights into the characters. All of the following items mention Nidhogg.

Name Item Description
Rose Pool Dress No.106 The unique Rose Pool short shirt on Miraland! Nidhogg's design is incomparable!
Little Daisy Dress No.223 Somehow, even when Yvette is in a daisy dress, Prime Minister still thinks that she is like a little rabbit.
Slip Dress-Black Dress No.525 Nidhogg saw the secretary in this dress, and criticized her seriously, what happens to being a meticulous secretary.
Gray Scale Coat No.84 Born in the cold North Kingdom, Mr. Nidhogg became famous at the Designer's Tea party in Wintermount of Lilith.
Blossoming Flowers Coat No.97 When Yvette just became the secretary of Mr. Nidhogg, she could not even think of passing such strict inspection.
Boundless Snow Coat No.100 Girls in North Kingdom are all waiting for the handsome Mr. Nidhogg to come back from Lilith to serve at home.
Emperor's Woman Coat No.106 It is designed by Mr. Nidhogg. Maybe only girls from the North Kingdom suit this style.
Little Secretary Coat No.107 Yvette is the secretary of Mr. Nidhogg. But compared with other workers in the palace, she looks more like an object.
Composite Jacket Coat No.118 Gossip: Mr. Nidhogg seems cold to everyone and rarely talks, but he loves to tease Yvette very much.
Dewdrop Top No.135 Nidhogg Series -- 999 daily incidents between the scheming prime minister and his gentle, bunny-like secretary.
Affection Top No.138 Yvette wore this top for her first job interview. The prime minister thought he was watching a white bunny.
Green Star Soul Top No.226 The Designers' Tea Party can make an orphan become the prime minister of Lilith Kingdom.
Secretary-Clothes Top No.340 Yvette followed the Prime Minister to visit the Pigeon Kingdom, and she changed into elegant business dress.
Secretary-Shorts Bottom No.319 Along with the Prime Minister, Yvette went to visit the Pigeon Kingdom.
Pink Rabbit Hosiery No.149 Everyone is astonished by this work of the prime minister -- it is not his style!
Fresh Roses Hosiery No.169 An item from a suit by the prime minister of Lilith Kingdom. And no surprise, the theme of this suit is rose.
Snow-Feather Hosiery No.401 Looking back to the south, Nidhogg smiled. With the flame inside, he walked into the northern blizzard.
Gentle Dance Accessory No.959 The little magic staff is designed by Mr. Nidhogg. Many people are surprised at its girlish design.
Dawnblade Accessory No.1624 Iron Rose brought the sword which can fight against Nidhogg's Dark Verdict.
Moon Night Lantern Accessory No.3080 In this night of full moon, Nidhogg who loves rabbits has prepared several gadgets.


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