Nidhogg is the main antagonist of volume 1 in Love Nikki. He is from the North Kingdom, but later won the favor of Queen Nanari with his famous dress of roses, and became the Prime Minister of Lilith Kingdom. His betrayal of the Lilith Kingdom and creation of a notorious army called the League Tyr resulted in a war between several countries of Miraland.



The mark left by where a person was born is permanent. When Lilith's look of Prime Minister has become symbolic of Nidhogg, even after putting on the northern military uniform, his charm still goes with it so naturally, one cannot help to praise and admire - the real Nidhogg. He is mesmerizing like the dark night, he is sharp as the cutting edge of a blade.

The smile of Nidhogg, is it buried together with the memories of Lilith's departure?

— Nidhogg's description in the Time Diary

Nidhogg is a tall man with dark hair that has a streak of silver in his bangs. As prime minister, he tends to wear dark, formal clothes. Yvette describes his eyes as "deep and lonely".[12]


Nidhogg has a cool, calculating exterior, rarely cracking jokes. While generally strict and professional, he seems to have a soft spot for his timid secretary, Yvette,[13] who he keeps around despite her poor track record in fashion battles.[14]

Underneath his polite and cool facade, however, there's a deeply wounded and extremely ruthless man. He believes that Miraland is a deeply flawed place and that he must change it at all costs. As such, he is willing to betray the trust of the Lilith Royal Family and plunge the continent into an all-out war so he will be able to defy the "fake peace" coming from the Blood Curse, which harms anyone who uses force on others.[15]


Nidhogg has designed the following:

He has also designed a variety of celestial wedding dresses.[16] His designs are quite diverse, and his more stereotypically feminine designs tend to surprise people when they found out he made them.[17]


Early Life Edit

Nidhogg was born as the first child to a young and proud man who had an army of his own, and his wife in Frigidfog City, North Kingdom. His father wasn't close to anyone except his mother, and he didn't have a good relationship with the other officers either, but it didn't stop him from being a great commander that won many battles on the land he protected. He was considered the god of Frigidfog City due to his achievements as a commander. However, his way of doing things was too overbearing, and he was framed.[1]

Year 657 Edit

On a cold night, Nidhogg's father was arrested, and all his fortunes were confiscated. The family was expelled from Frigidfog City. While his mother was taken to a safe place by the family's butler, Nidhogg escaped the mansion.[1] Because of this, Nidhogg became an orphan and grew up very poor.[18][16][8]

Year 664 Edit

During this year, Nidhogg came to Black Water City. Louie's father liked Nidhogg a lot, and adopted him as his own son. Nidhogg accepted Louie as his own brother.[7][8]

Year 665 Edit

At the age of thirteen, Nidhogg applied to become a knight of the Knight of Kingdom, an army that serves the king. He passed on the first try.[7]

Year 670 Edit

Now eighteen years old, Nidhogg was one of the two seniors of Agata along with Louie. The other knights didn't like him much, and saw his relationship to Louie and Louie's father as fake. They talked behind his back and called him talentless and inferior to Louie. When Agata heard about his reputation for being cold, sharp, and emotionless, she looked forward to taking him on as an opponent, and respected his skills even though he did not have the best reputation.[7]

In September, Nidhogg was challenged by Agata during training. Though he agreed to her challenge, she could tell he didn't use his full power. She confronted him, and he just smiled and told her she was too weak to be his rival. Agata did not like this answer, and resolved one day to seriously challenge him.[7]

In October, Nidhogg and Louie were both preparing to potentially succeed Louie's father as the Knight Commander of the Knight of Kingdom. They had a duel and though neither were at his skill level yet, they both had talent of their own and showed promise of becoming good warriors in the future.[7]

At some point, he was given a medal by Louie's father, and was named the "sword and shield of Royal City" and a defender of North Kingdom's glory.[19]

Death of the Knight Commander Edit

The camp of the Knight of Kingdom where Louie, Nidhogg, and Louie's father were staying was broken into. The armed men who attacked were not enemies but rather "comrades" who were attempting to grab power for themselves through infighting. The Knight of Kingdom were outnumbered and their loss was imminent as they struggled for their own survival.[20]

During the fight, the knights began to be overwhelmed by the backlash of the Blood Curse, but their opponents suffered no ill effects. They likely had been taking a secret potion that was only available among the elites in Black Water City, which suppressed the effects of the Blood Curse.[20]

Eventually, the fight ended when Louie's father was so overcome with the pain of the Blood Curse that he died in battle. Louie and Nidhogg both went to go visit his unmarked tombstone. While Nidhogg did not outwardly show emotion, Louie was agitated.[19] Because of that, the two went their own separate ways after that battle, parted from the rest of the knights.[20]

Lake Bovaly Edit

Memory Tides - Nidhogg

Young Nidhogg after retrieving the Dark Verdict from Lake Bovaly

During this year, Nidhogg visited the Pigeon Forest. He swam down into Lake Bovaly, where the Lord of Kindred, Cesare, was at the bottom of the lake. Cesare gave him the kindred-made sword Dark Verdict, and Nidhogg stabbed him with it. This action invoked the power of blood, which freed Cesare from the seal set upon him by the Elven King. Nidhogg brought the sword back through the lake and to Pigeon Forest. He left the next day with the help of a fairy.[21][2][22][23][8]

Sometime later, Nidhogg went on to attend school, where he learned to design.[16]

Year 674 Edit

During this year, Nidhogg appeared at the Designer's Tea Party and designed a formal dress made of roses.[24][25][8]

Year 675 Edit

Nidhogg became the designer of Queen Nanari during this year.[16][8]

Year 677 Edit

Nidhogg became the Prime Minister of Lilith during this year.[8]

Despite having moved to Lilith, Nidhogg was allied with Morrison, who was a mad scientist known publicly as a pharmacist. Nidhogg was involved in Morrison's attempt to have the key to the Blood Curse stolen, and when Morrison was captured by Louie and the Nameless Knights that were guarding it, Nidhogg stepped in to save him. Nidhogg asked Louie to hand over Morrison, and Louie refused. When it seemed neither would budge, Nidhogg ordered his people to attack, and a skirmish broke out. Nidhogg called an end to the fight after Morrison got critically injured and the leader of the Nameless Knights, Lionel, was killed.[26]

Year 678 Edit

Nidhogg hired Yvette as his secretary at this time, much to the surprise of all of the workers in the Lilith government.[4] During her first interview, she wore the top Affection, which caught Nidhogg's eye.

On her first day, she bumped into him while they were on their way to work. She was being chased by a large dog, but to her embarrassment he calmly commanded the dog to go away.[3]

Yvette failed to perform well at her job, causing her to lose faith in herself. When Nidhogg learned of this, he coolly brushed off her concerns,[27] possibly in an attempt to make her feel better.

At this point in time, Nidhogg met with many strange people and refused to let the janitor clean his office, causing the janitor to wonder if he had picked Yvette because she was so clueless.[28]

Hare and Secret

The March Hare

On March 10th, Nidhogg left a gift box with a bunny called the March Hare inside it on his desk. Yvette, believing it was a gift for her birthday, tried to read the card that went along with it while she was alone in his office. Just then, he appeared, startling Yvette and causing her to spill coffee all over the card.[29] He reluctantly presented her with the bunny inside the gift box, telling her it was her birthday present.[5]

The March Hare had the ability to talk to Yvette while she was asleep, causing her to sleep badly the next night.[30] It claimed to be there to teach her about styling, on behalf of Nidhogg.[5] When he heard about this, he told her to forget what it said and throw the bunny away if she didn't like it.[30] She went on to treasure the March Hare and even designed for it.[31]

Year 680 Edit

Nidhogg went to Cicia to watch the play 'Candy Witch and Star Sea'. He reprimanded Yvette for wasting time competing with Nikki and not even winning.[14] After the theft of the Star Sea, he evacuated with Yvette and the rest of the theater.[32]

Nidhogg and Yvette went next to the Rose Garden in Wintermount, Lilith, where he made his debut at the Designer's Tea Party, and where the Rose Garden honoring his accomplishments was. They attend a preparatory meeting for a contest (possibly referring to the Fantasy Styling Contest, which they were seen arranging together later).[33]

Nidhogg formally met Nikki and her friends for the first time while on a cruise ship on the Celestial Lake in Cloud Empire. Nidhogg showed curiosity in Nikki as a stylist after hearing that she beat Yvette. He also revealed that Kimi told him that she chose Cloud Empire to train herself as a stylist.[34]

Nidhogg mentioned that Nikki may run into a gentleman-like soldier from Apple Federation in Moonlit City. Yvette cheerfully praised Orlando, but Nidhogg interrupted and had Yvette duel Nikki.[34] This soldier is later revealed to be Orlando, a friend of Kimi who was working with Nidhogg to investigate the apparent damage of the Iron Rose on Moonlit City.[35]

Fantasy Styling Contest Rebellion Edit

Nidhogg later prepared for the Fantasy Styling Contest with Yvette. Yvette asked him if it was okay for them to schedule a guard deployment meeting for the next day, and Nidhogg said he would handle it himself, granting her permission to go off and buy new clothes.[36] It is later revealed that Nidhogg and Royce believed that the Fantasy Styling Contest of 680 would be different: someone will try to cause trouble.[37]

Nidhogg oversaw the finals of the contest.[38] After Nikki and Sherry finished the first match, Nidhogg told Royce there was an intruder in the outside garden of Queen Nanari's palace. Royce was concerned over his sister's safety and left immediately, leaving Nidhogg in charge.[39]

After the second match, the people in the front row drew their swords, causing panic in the audience. Nidhogg disappeared.[40] Yvette sought him out, scared by the increasingly dangerous atmosphere, and Nidhogg took her along with him to escape after he realized that it would be quicker than trying to shake her off.[41]

They went to the North Kingdom via car, Yvette still confused as to Nidhogg's motivations and Nidhogg frustrated by her questions. She eventually realized what he had done and pleaded with him to go back, to which he reminded her that the North was his home, not Lilith.[42]

He kept Yvette in a room guarded by North Kingdom guards for several days, where she grew restless. She escaped by winning a styling battle against a guard.[43] Nidhogg approached her and reassured her that he was going to send her back the next day. Still upset, she asked him if he had been lying to her and Lilith the whole time. He easily admitted that he had, and that he had chosen her as his secretary in order to give himself a better image. However, he reassured her that he wouldn't hurt her, to thank her for her years of shielding him.[44]

The next morning, Nidhogg sent Yvette home with one of his trusted followers. Before she left, she formally accused him of violating several articles of Lilith and told him that the seven nations would arrest him. He just smiled and said that she ought to go before she cries again.[45]

Attack on Cloud City Edit

This section contains spoilers!
If you are new to the game and want to avoid major plot spoilers, please do not read any further.

Nidhogg united the previously fighting warlords of Mt. Tyr in the North Kingdom under a force known as League Tyr and began to move southward towards Cloud City.[46] Upon hearing about this, Lunar, as the city's chief designer, became determined to defend Cloud City and call for reinforcements.[47]

Upon arriving at Cloud City, Nidhogg gave the mayor of the city a letter intended for Lunar instead of attacking immediately. It read that he wanted to duel her, one on one, with the winner able to ask whatever they wanted from the loser. She decided to accept his challenge despite the mayor's distrust of him.[48]

Lunar Nidhogg cutscene

Nidhogg confronting Lunar in stage V1: 15-8 Blue Bird Wail

Nidhogg engaged in a duel to the death with Lunar and fatally wounded her just as Nikki and her friends arrived.[49] This caused him to suffer from the Blood Curse that affects all citizens of Miraland.[50] As he paid respects to the late Lunar, Bobo asked him why he decided to start the war, but he refused to answer.[15]

Nidhogg cutscene

Nidhogg in stage V1: 15-8 Blue Bird Wail

When the group tried to convince Nikki to fight him, Nidhogg said that the peace brought about by the blood curse was a false peace. Bobo got angry at him, telling him that he benefited from the false peace too, because of his victory at Wintermount at the Designer's Tea Party all those years ago. Nidhogg gave Nikki the chance to compete with him.[15]

Nidhogg showed off the sword Dark Verdict in the battle, which gave him a skill of the same name that reduced Nikki's score to only 10,000 points. Only after attempting to fight him over and over did the Iron Rose finally arrive and grant Nikki the Dawnblade, which impressed even Nidhogg. With this tool, he finally lost to Nikki, and removed his soldiers from Cloud City.[15]

Ozeca, an officer from the League Tyr Army, asked Nidhogg why he let Nikki and her friends go. He said it was his own business. She offered him the No. 7 Reagent, which can reduce his pain from the blood curse, but he declined it because he wanted to be aware of the suffering, and likely also because of his past with the blood curse-suppressing reagent. Ozeca asked if they should contact "him", but Nidhogg said he would arrange it himself.[50]

Theft of White Blossom Edit

Nidhogg joined forces with Reid in a plot to steal the White Blossom, a dress created by Kimi's father Chairman Schiller for his late wife Lady Crescent. The League Tyr's best sniper, Shade, was used to assist with the theft, and it was him who took the dress for League Tyr in the end.[51] Nikki, Kimi, and Orlando continued to interfere with the League Tyr's plans, though, breaking into a League Tyr base.[52] After Orlando left Nikki and Kimi under the supervision of nuns at the Losol church, they were quickly kidnapped. The two girls and the White Blossom Dress were sent to Nidhogg by the mad scientist Gray Raven on a plane that read "A gift to Colonel Nidhogg".[53]

Chapter 19 Louie and Nidhogg

Louie stepping in to save Nikki

Nidhogg approached them once they landed in the North Kingdom and admonished one of his soldiers for losing a styling battle to Nikki. He then negotiated with Kimi, who gave the White Blossom to him in return for his word that he would return them both home. However, Nikki didn't agree with this decision, and stepped in to confront Nidhogg herself to win the White Blossom back. Even though she had the Dawnblade, she lost to Nidhogg. He raised his sword, the Dark Verdict, to strike her, and she was only saved when Louie appeared out of nowhere in front of her. Louie, along with the rest of the Nameless Knights, fought Nidhogg and the League Tyr soldiers, taking down their frontline as Nikki escaped.[53]


Yvette Edit

Nidhogg hired Yvette as his secretary and kept her on despite her weakness both in styling battles and in the office, to the surprise of the people who worked with them. He is surprisingly patient with her, always taking her mistakes in stride and simply telling her what to do to fix the situation.[4] However, when she is upset he makes dry jokes at her expense.[27] He does not approve when she wears sexy clothing.[54]

It is clear he associates her strongly with bunnies,[55] which began all the way back in Yvette's first interview.[56]

Nidhogg chose her as his secretary because he believed her clumsiness would help him to build a better image, rather than because he actually thought she was a good secretary. After betraying the nation of Lilith and leaving the position of Prime Minister, he finally admitted this to her, but also promised not to hurt her as repayment for her years of serving this role.[44]

Ozeca Edit

Ozeca is part of Nidhogg's army and she is loyal to him. The two share the belief that the blood curse provides a false peace.[49][57]

Louie Edit

Louie and Nidhogg met when Nidhogg traveled to Black Water City a lone orphan, and Louie's father took him in as his own son.[7] At the time, Nidhogg was 12, and Louie was 11.[8][58] With Louie's father being the Knight Commander of the Knight of Kingdom, both boys became knights, as well as friends, with Nidhogg seeing Louie as his own brother. However, their relationship was considered artificial by the other knights, most believing they were only friends because Nidhogg wanted to flatter Louie's father.[7] A photo was once taken with both boys smiling brightly, though it was torn and lost in the North Kingdom.[59]

Things changed after Louie's father died and the two boys parted ways. Nidhogg considered it "fated" for he and Louie to be enemies. He views Louie as too idealistic, especially against his own perspective which he sees as more practical. However, he demonstrates a desire to sway Louie over to his own side.[26] When Ozeca offers to investigate Louie as an enemy, Nidhogg tells her not to and that Louie is "no big deal".[50]

Former Commander of the Knight of Kingdom Edit

Coming soon...

Royce Edit

Royce had some suspicions about Nidhogg's grim intentions before his rebellion against Lilith, but he didn't want him to find out that he didn't fully trust him. He felt that Nidhogg had always desired power, even when he was just a young man from the North Kingdom.[60]

Name by ServerEdit

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International International (English) Nidhogg N/A
France Flag International (French) Nidhogg N/A
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 尼德霍格 (nídéhuògé) Nidhogg
Japanese Flag Japan ニーズヘッグ (Nīzuheggu) Nidhogg
Korean Flag South Korea 니드호그 (Nideuhogeu) Nidhogg
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Nidhogg (Old name: Henry) N/A

Etymology Edit

The name Nidhogg is a reference to the dragon from Norse mythology called Níðhöggr, simplified as Nidhogg. The dragon forever gnaws at the root of the world tree Yggdrasil, which holds the cosmos together, and his actions are intended to damage and topple the world tree.[61]


  • "If one does not have power he will be eliminated. Remember this and accompany me now to the conference."
    — Nidhogg to Yvette in V1: 3-3 Prime Minister's Secretary.
  • "War goes hand in hand with pain. Once you start a war, you should be aware of the suffering."
    — Nidhogg to Ozeca in V1: 15-Side Story 4 No. 7 Reagent.
  • "Inconceivable. You are still so idealistic today..."
    — Nidhogg to Louie in Nameless Knight
  • "The weak always live in the past. Leave all the sadness and regret behind, and move forward."
    — Nidhogg to Yvette in Time Magic

  • "You're not worthy enough to challenge me."
    — using Critical Eye.
  • "Dream is just a comfort for the weak."
    — using Sleeping.

  • "It's a gift I prepared for you."
    — Nidhogg's envelope.
  • "Keep going, so that we can meet at the finale."
    — Nidhogg's envelope once opened.

  • "The weak believe in destiny, the strong make their own."
    — Nidhogg in Timeline.
  • "People who are not strong will be defeated."
    — Nidhogg in Timeline.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to December 24th, 2017, Nidhogg's name was localized as Henry.

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