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Neva (formerly known as Hika) is a character in Love Nikki. Originally a member of the Lilith Kingdom's Royal Guard and the best friend of its captain, Eruka, she was ordered by Queen Nanari to be Royce's assistant. She is also his model, much to her reluctance.

Bio Edit

Appearance Edit

The solemn and serious Neva dressed in a maid outfit... Mmm, there's a surprising mixed sense of conflict and appropriateness. The flounce of the dress and long socks with bows are the essence of a maid's outfit. The dark blue adornment adds a hint of energy to the black-and-white.

Dear Miss Neva, may I please have a glass of strawberry milk?

— Neva's description in the Time Diary, about her maid uniform

Neva is a young woman of average height, with short black hair and light blue eyes. She's also quite pale-skinned, and never smiles.

Neva normally wears a simple blue blouse, a black tie with a gem-brooch, a knee-length black skirt with a black corset, golden signs and purple ruffles; embroidered dark gray tights and Mary Jane-style brown shoes; however, she sometimes changes her outfit at Royce's request.

Personality Edit

Neva is extremely duty-bound and serious, offering a huge contrast with her boss Royce. She always tries to keep him in line and convince him to return to the capital, much to his annoyance. They have apparently known one another since childhood.


Early Life Edit

Neva was a quiet child and seemed unhappy, and she wore all black. Due to the sunlight blurring her vision and making her feel weak, she stayed away from it as much as possible.[3]

When Neva was around six years old, she had dedicated her life to Queen Nanari, who assigned her to be the twelve-year-old Royce's bodyguard. She followed him around silently, to both his interest and confusion.[3]

Year 680 Edit

During Royce's travels throughout the Lilith Kingdom, Neva followed him in an attempt to get him to return to the royal palace, saying each time that it was her duty to protect him. However, he instead tried to strike deals with her instead of agreeing to return.[4]

Neva became quiet after Royce returned to Royal City with her to host the Fantasy Styling Contest.[5] During the contest, Nidhogg told Royce there was an intruder in the outside of the garden, and Neva and Royce went to investigate and check on Queen Nanari.[6] However, they found that Nanari was already gone when they got to her bedroom.[7] Following Royce's concern over Nanari's disappearance, Neva was sent to Cloud to investigate Nidhogg's intentions further. She met up with Nikki and her friends in Lor River City following Nidhogg's actions in Cloud City.[8]


Royce Edit

Neva has served as his bodyguard for nearly her entire life, but they have very different lives and personalities. As a child, she never spoke to him, only followed him around.[3] In the year 680, Neva tries, usually in vain, to get him to follow his duty as royalty of Lilith Kingdom. Despite this, Royce does trust Neva fully and cares about her.[9]

As his bodyguard, she protects Royce with her life. In one incident when she had to defend him against attackers, she nearly collapsed after the ordeal was over. Royce stayed with her every day while she recovered. However, when he saw a scar down her back, he reflected on the fact that he didn't really know her at all. After this, he took her out into the sunshine to talk to her and ask her questions about her past, though she didn't always answer. She talks to him despite her hatred of the sunlight, telling herself that she was only talking to him because she was obligated to as his bodyguard.[3]

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Neva
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 黑卡 (Hēi kǎ)
Japanese Flag Japan クローカ (Kuroka)
Korean Flag South Korea 에리카 (Erika)


  • "Every project needs a 100% input."
    — Neva in Timeline.

  • "I'm smiling, it's just...not obvious."
    — using Smile.
  • "I shouldn't have over estimated your styling skills."
    — using Critical Eye.
  • "Is this my Christmas gift?"
    — using Gift.
  • "It's not your Crystal Shoes."
    — using Clock.

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