Nap hut

The daily quest section of the Nap Hut

After a refreshing rest, let's continue our journey! Stylists who rest for more than 20 days can claim the supplies. Let's go! Buy more if you want!
— Bobo in the Nap Hut

The Nap Hut is a special feature to help players get back into the game after a long absence. It appears if a player has not logged in for at least 20 days. There are two sections in the hut:

  • Claim Supply lets you claim or purchase stamina, gold and star coins at any time.
  • Exclusive Quest has 7 daily login bonuses and daily rewards for reaching a certain Daily Quests achievement level. They must be completed on the day listed.

Claim Supply Edit

Free Gifts:

  • 900 Stamina
  • 500,000 Gold
  • 200 Starlight Coin

One-time Purchases:

  • 900 Stamina for 100 Diamond
  • 500,000 Gold for 100 Diamond
  • 200 Starlight Coin for 100 Diamond

Exclusive QuestEdit

This section has 7 days of login bonuses and daily quests.

Each reward is labeled with a specific date and if you skip a day you'll lose that bonus. (This is different from the Monthly Sign-In and free log-in suits.) For example, if you return to the game on May 6, then your bonuses will be on May 6th, 7th, 8th, etc up to May 12th.

Day Sign-in Reward Daily Activity Goal Quest Reward
1 10,000Gold 30 20Diamond
2 30Stamina 30 20Diamond
3 15Association Coin + 10,000Gold 50 40Diamond
4 10Starlight Coin 50 40Diamond
5 20Diamond 80 60Diamond
6 15,000Gold + 50Stamina 80 60Diamond
7 20,000Gold + 12Starlight Coin 120 80Diamond
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