Nap hut

The daily quest section of the Nap Hut

After a refreshing rest, let's continue our journey! Stylists who rest for more than 20 days can claim the supplies. Let's go! Buy more if you want!
Bobo in the Nap Hut

The Nap Hut is a special feature to help players get back into the game after a long absence. It appears if a player has not logged in for at least 20 days. There are two sections in the hut:

  • Claim Supply lets you claim or purchase stamina, gold and star coins at any time.
  • Exclusive Quest has 7 daily login bonuses and daily rewards for reaching a certain Daily Quests achievement level. They must be completed on the day listed.

Claim Supply Edit

Free Gifts:

  • 900 Stamina
  • 500,000 Gold
  • 200 Starlight Coin

One-time Purchases:

  • 900 Stamina for 100 Diamond
  • 500,000 Gold for 100 Diamond
  • 200 Starlight Coin for 100 Diamond

Exclusive QuestEdit

This section has 7 days of login bonuses and daily quests.

Each reward is labeled with a specific date and if you skip a day you'll lose that bonus. (This is different from the Monthly Sign-In and free log-in suits.) For example, if you return to the game on May 6, then your bonuses will be on May 6th, 7th, 8th, etc up to May 12th.

Day Sign-in Reward Daily Activity Goal Quest Reward
1 10,000Gold 30 20Diamond
2 30Stamina 30 20Diamond
3 15Association Coin + 10,000Gold 50 40Diamond
4 10Starlight Coin 50 40Diamond
5 20Diamond 80 60Diamond
6 15,000Gold + 50Stamina 80 60Diamond
7 20,000Gold + 12Starlight Coin 120 80Diamond

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