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Nancy is a character in Love Nikki. She is a designer.



Nancy has brown hair gathered behind her head with one long frontal lock and blue eyes.


Nancy is a fan of King Sayet and is knowledgeable about his works. She is eager to share her knowledge and becomes very passionate when discussing King Sayet.[3]


Nancy designed a lady style set for a chance to see one of King Sayet's works.


Early Life[]

On the first day of school, Nancy read her favorite book, Collection of King Sayet. A boy named Rexton called out to her as he liked King Sayet as well. The two of them became familiar with each other and went to design shows and the Designer's Tea Party together. Rexton designed a feather brooch for Nancy's birthday, but Nancy did not design anything due to fear of failure. However, she eventually began to start designing, and though she was picky with herself, Rexton thought she had a gift.[4]

Year 672[]

Rexton invited Nancy to watch Romantic Encounters and confessed to her under the stars.[5] Rexton and Nancy became a couple and they liked to surprise each other with books and tickets to shows.[5] Whenever they argued, they would make up over plays and King Sayet.[5] That same year, news of King Sayet's death traveled across Miraland. That night, the two of them read the Collection of King Sayet over and over again until dawn.[4]

Rexton participated in the Nine-Day War, and he promised to Nancy that they would travel together after the contest. However, he lost in the fifth round. Afterwards, his behavior became strange, and he immersed himself in researching and designing King's Sayet's works while neglecting Nancy and their relationship.[4] Nancy tried to help him recover by taking him to all the plays they watched before, but it was no use. She considered leaving him, but was so in love and thought if she held on, she'll eventually have her love back.[5]

Year 680[]

Nancy came up to Nikki and Momo in Hayden after feeling like they were familiar. They realized they were all heading to Clariel's exhibition and decided to go together.[1] For the chance to see one of King Sayet's works up close, Nancy participated in the styling contest against Clariel, but she lost and was led to a lounge.[6] When Nikki and Momo came to cheer her up, they realized Nancy had no recollection of them or her previous memories.[7] After Nikki resonated with the Aurora's Tear, all of the participants' memories were restored, including Nancy's.[8]

Nancy told Nikki, Momo, and Ace about what happened to her boyfriend and asked if Nikki could restore him and others back to normal as well. She went with Ace to investigate more about the memory loss people experience.[9]

Appearances and Mentions[]

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Around the World[]

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  • "I think every stylist devoted to design must have a dream to be a star shining all over the seven kingdoms!"
    — Nancy to Nikki and Momo in V2: 7-2 Designer Nancy

  • "Good memories will always shine in the long river of time. I'm glad to have met someone as great as you."
    — Nancy's Diamond Postcard during The Wave of Time Event, posted from Miraland

  • Name by Server[]

    Version Name (Romanized)
    International.png International (English) Nancy
    Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified) 南希 (nán xī)