Nameless Knights

The Nameless Chivalric Order's logo, from Dawn Front.

The Nameless Chivalric Order is a secret society from the North Kingdom. They are dedicated to fighting darkness,[1] and they hold the key that has the clue to break the Blood Curse.[2] They are said to only appear during times of war.[3] After their members die, they are buried anonymously, without tombstones containing their names.[4][5]

Members Edit

Louis Bustup
Unknown Person

History Edit

Year 667 Edit

The Nameless Chivalric Order was considered a legend by many people in North before this year.[6] However, they had existed for at least ten years before. A spear teacher named Lionel, thought to be lost in a campaign, joined during this time.[7]

The Nameless Knights guarded a fortress in the Snow Corridor, where they kept a key that had the capability to reveal the secrets behind the Blood Curse.[8][2] At the beginning of this year, a famous physician named Morrison commissioned Louie to retrieve the key from a fortress in the Snow Corridor, though it was referred to as a dossier in the request.[9] Upon arriving and breaking into the fortress, Louie recognized Lionel and began to suspect the task he had been set was not what it seemed.[8]

While Louie spoke with Lionel, the key was stolen from the fortress. The Nameless Knights immediately jumped into action, and Louie, though he did not know their goal or the nature of the situation, decided to help as he felt it was his fault it was stolen.[8] The Nameless Knights followed the thief's path and broke into a laboratory, where they were able to turn off the power and travel through a secret passageway.[10] There, they found Morrison attempting to get away with the key. Louie was able to retrieve the key, but a skirmish broke out between him and Nidhogg, who was there as well, and in the chaos a sniper named Shade shot Lionel.[11]

As Lionel died, he revealed the nature behind the Nameless Chivalric Order's key to Louie and offered to let him join in his place. Louie agreed to join, and took the vows before they buried Lionel and left.[2]

After these events, the Nameless Knights exposed Morrison's misdeeds and ruined his reputation. The news of their presence spread across Miraland, signaling that the situation in North would become more unpredictable.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Leon wanted to join the Nameless Chivalric Order after Nidhogg started a war in the North Kingdom.[12]

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Nameless Chivalric Order
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 无名骑士团 (Wúmíng qíshì tuán)

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