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Mystery Mood is a set of Story Suits. Suits can be obtained from the Mood Listening event.

Completion Reward: 50 Diamonds

Satisfying Whispers[]

Blissful Feast.png
The neon place in front of you
hasn't fade away
Worried mind becomes the mask
to cover your wish
Wave of people surging
Desire to be wrapped in this noisy night
will swallow the heart

Wish to moan[]

Silent Night Ode.png
Black feathers soar to the sky
Becomes the sign of calamity
Only the voice of nature
Soothing the people of their suffering
As long as you open your eyes
To unlock the shackle of dreams

Unreasonable prophecy[]

Ruling by the Moon.png
Dazzling group of stars cross the sky
Lightening the dark sky
The sinners don't have place to hide
This time destiny will
make it's final judgement

Quiet Mori[]

Forest Night Fireflies.png
Wind blows through the forest
Carrying the aroma of the lillies
The dew on the green leaves crystalized
Shimmering in light
Swayed by the wind
Drops down onto the serene lake
Outlining the innocent dream of fantasy

First bloom[]

Nikki Mood Listening.png
Steps that never stop
Always running
Always chasing
Blizzard is the source of the cold
Wriggling out of the crack
When the dusk rises into the light
Small seed buried in the darkness
Finally emits the voice of it's bud

Three roads[]

Sayet Mood Listening.png
Flipping hundred of pages
The torrent of times floods through fingers
The strayed lamb
Can it find it's on way
Roses swayed by the breeze
It's petals slowly withers
Listen, who misses
the poem hidden in the pistil


Xiao Zong Mood Listening.png
Peel the mist layer by layer
Crushing the thoughts of chaos
In front of you the storm blowing
Rolling up the cold and lives
First snowflake falling from the skies
Do not fear the golden blade
Step forward with boldness


Name by Server[]

Version Name (Romanized) Translation
International.png International (English) Mystery Mood N/A
Singapore Flag.png Southeast Asia (English) N/A N/A