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Mountain Bamboo (previously known as Green Spotted Cornel) was previously a hidden suit –now a Gallery suit– that can be obtained from Bai Yongxi's Dreamland, Annal of Ages.

Completion Prize: 2,000 Gold.

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Item Descriptions[]

On Mount Tai Chi grows a thousand-year-old bamboo. She watches the world running in cycles silenty.
Bamboo Whisperer's Folly

Hundred years ago that fire changed everything. Since then, on top of Mount Tai Chi only leaves a stone tablet.
Mountain Bamboo

She did not understand loneliness before. People used to come to Mount Tai Chi and make wishes in front of her.
Green Spotted Cornel

Weed and moss gradually grow on the ruins. The big fire didn't burn out all the hate and love.
Bamboo Leaf Bracelet

She has seen laughing kids, loving couples, travelling brokers and drunk poets.
Firefly Mist

Living for a thousand years, she has seen all the bustling in the world but has never seen such a big wager.
A Pond of Stars

That day, she saw a dragon rise up in the torrential rain. Rain clouds dispersed behind him, bringing the clear sky back.
Creek Fringe