Mount Tai Chi is a mountain in southern Cloud Empire. It is named after a relic called Tai Chi.[2]

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Though much of the mountain was destroyed in a fire that occurred around the year 580,[2] there is a huge phoenix tree that flourishes, absorbing the essence of nature. It has been there for over a century and its trunk is thicker than a normal tree's. The area around the tree is said to look feel a fairyland.[1] There is also bamboo that's a thousand years old that survived the fire.[3]

There is also a temple there, where the Tai Chi Temple Master lives.[1] Though the temple was burned during the fire, what's left can still be entered.[2]

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Year 580 Edit

Mist Fairy

Mist Fairy, the suit that tells the story of the boy and girl on Mount Tai Chi

In approximately this year, a girl was born who was deserted. She was found by a boy who took her to the temple, where she lived until she was fifteen. At this point, the temple was attacked by foes and the courtyard was burnt down. The boy, who was secretly a spy for the foes, hid the girl inside a clay jar, and she survived. In memory, she put a stone on Tai Chi Mountain in memory of her senior, on which she she carved the memories of times she had spent with him. It became known as the Valentine Stele, and it's said that lovers who pray in front of the stone are blessed.[4]

Year 680 Edit

Hidden String Edit

Fu Su took Lunar to Mount Tai Chi in order to assist her with the crafting of the legendary Stringless Guqin. They visited the temple, where the temple master offered Lunar a branch from the phoenix tree after she assisted him with his ink painting.[5][1]

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Bai Yongxi met Zhu Yuxian on Mount Tai Chi, where they played a game of Go in the middle of a rainstorm for a day and a night.[2] During the game, they discussed Bai Yongxi's plans for the future of Cloud Empire, the Blood Curse, and a similar past encounter they had had three years previously. After Bai Yongxi set down his last piece, Zhu Yuxian told him that he won, and got up, laughing. After he left, the rainstorm finally let up.[2]

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International International (English) Mount Tai Chi

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