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Mount Mang is a mountain in Cloud Empire.


It is said immortals visit Mount Mang, but it is hidden in the mist to commoners.[1] The weather is often rainy and misty.[2] The climate at the top of the mountain is different than at the bottom, so flowers bloom later there.[3]

Mount Mang is home to lots of flora and fauna. Deer are frequently associated with Mount Mang.[4][5] A strong ivy that can break stone grows in the stone cracks here.[6] Fairy tea, a special type of tea that absorbs the aroma of flowers that grow beside it, grows on the peaks of Mount Mango.[7] Legend says that the immortal tea tree that grows deep in the mountain has fragrant leaves.[8]

Long Street is located at the foot of Mount Mang.


In one popular Cloud story, a bookman moved into a cottage on Mount Mang and befriended a divine deer who liked to listen to him read poems. When he went to take the imperial exam, it suddenly rained. A woman led him to a cottage where they had tea and chatted like old friends. The man promised to return after the exam, but when he finally succeeded and returned years later, he couldn't find the house again. One day, enemies appeared in the mountains, and when the man was in danger, a giant deer came and saved him. The deer was the girl he met, who is in fact a divine deer. The deer said sho saved him at the cost of punishment on herself. The man couldn't bear the idea of the deer being punished because of him, so he lit 81 lights to pray for her to be pardoned.[9]

Before 680[]

Fu Su used to come to Mount Mang to chop wood. One year, he met Liang, who recently moved to the courtyard at the foot of the mountains and got lost while playing alone. Fu Su, Liang, and Winter often hung out together on the mountain during the summer.[10]

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