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Moonlit Night Castle

Ran from September 25th to October 17th, 2019.

An odd invitation, a mysterious treasure - What's the secret hidden in the Moonlit Night Castle? Accept the commission and embark on the journey to lift the castle's blockade. Collect Silver Keys, acquire testimonies, and find out the key holder

This event has three sections that you switch between:

  • Crime Scenes: Complete crime scenes to earn rewards and unlock Witnesses.
  • Witnesses: Talking to each witness adds an item to your Testimony list.
  • Suspects: Choose an item in your Testimony list when talking to a suspect and see how they respond.

You will gain 5 free Silver Keys per day and can buy 5 more for 30 Diamond each. You are limited to 2 purchases per day.

Tip: The full event requires 80 Silver Keys so it should be possible to complete without spending diamonds.

Rewards Edit

Event Sections Edit

Crime Scene Edit

Each crime scene must be completed in order to unlock the next one. They each require 20Silver Keys.

Each crime scene has a different challenge to solve and prizes are awarded at 5Silver Keys(Gold), 8Silver Keys(Stamina), 12Silver Keys(Starlight Coin) and 20Silver Keys(clothing items).

Hall Edit

Completion Rewards:

5 notes 10 notes 15 notes 25 notes
8888 Gold 30 H1 10 Starlight Coin Expression of Care
Whisper of Letter
White Chapter

Study Edit

Completion Rewards:

5 notes 10 notes 15 notes 25 notes
12888 Gold 30 Stamina 15 Starlight Coin A Pleasant Surprise
Trace of Nib

Bedroom Edit

Completion Reward:

5 notes 10 notes 15 notes 25 notes
16888 Gold 50 Stamina 20 Starlight Coin Messenger Cloak
Sincere Regards
Autumn in a Letter

Gym Edit

Completion Reward:

5 notes 10 notes 15 notes 25 notes
28888 Gold 50 Stamina 30 Starlight Coin Rosy Dawn
Life Explorer

Witness Edit

As you complete the crime scenes, you will unlock Witnesses who give you clues. There are 9 Witnesses all together:

  1. Debbie
  2. Joe
  3. Fu Su
  4. Orlando
  5. Mayor of Moonlit City
  6. Yue Qianshuang
  7. Zhu Ruosheng
  8. Ransa
  9. Chloris

To read their dialogue, visit this page.

Suspect Edit

Use the clues you gain from the witnesses to confront the suspects. There are 4 suspects: Fantasy Envoy, Ming Shuiyuan, Louie, and Starlet.

To read the clues and responses, visit this page.

Criminal Edit

To receive the reward, confront the suspects with the last clue and finish the criminal dialogue. The reward can be claimed in the front (before the event sections).

Completion Reward: Vintage Postbox, 100Diamond

Logic Puzzle Solutions Edit

There are four flavors of fruit candies.
Yue Qianshuang: Mine is not strawberry.
Zhu Ruosheng: Winter's is not strawberry.
Bai Jinjin: Mine is watermelon.
Winter: Qianshuang's should be hami melon.
So whose candy is strawberry flavor?

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Zhu Ruosheng

Currently which suit is not displayed in Apple Federation - 7 Nations - Gallery - Achievement?

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Back to Prehistory

There are four homes of different decorations.
Bobo's: a blue color of science fiction.
Yue Qianhuang's: full of wooden furniture.
Sherry's: bloody roses and a cross.
Kaja's: a boat-shaped bed.
So which of the following is a mismatch?

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Sherry-Street Corner on Sunday

Nikki is invited to participate in a grand snow carnival in freezing North Kingdom. Which one shouldn't be part of her dress-up?

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Ring Bikini-Top

Nikki: A won't be champion.
Momo: Either B or D will be champion.
Bobo: Neither B nor D will be champion.
Only one presumption is true. So who is the champion?

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There are piles of detective fictions on the bookshelf. Who is least likely to appear in these books?

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Julien Sorel

They left the room one by one.
Sherry was not the first one to leave and Debbie was after her.
Ransa was neither the first one nor the last one.
Mela was not the second one.
So who was the first one to leave?

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They're going to an orchestra for an interview.
Toto has learnt clarinet for many years.
Cali is good at playing the double bass.
Aron plays the percussion instrument in school.
Yvette has learnt piano for several years.
Who is least likely to join this orchestra?

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People are required to take their pets to the Love Pets Party held in the backyard of the Castle. Which suit will not be Nikki's choice?

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Vigorous Traveling

A masquerade is being held the castle.
Nikki: a dress with a rose cross pattern.
Bobo: a hat and a handbag adorned by Giftys.
Kimi: a cloak, a magic wand & magic potion.
Ace: a Cloud monkish suit. So which of the following is a mismatch?

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Nikki-Deicide Kalpa

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