Moonlit City is a city in central Cloud Empire. It typically has clear weather, and there are vast plains nearby.[3] It is led by the Mayor of Moonlit City, and it is Lunar's hometown.

History Edit

There was once a river in Moonlit City with barren banks. Despite the citizens' best efforts at building dams, the river would threaten to flood the city every year and destroy their crops. However, a bamboo forest began to grow from seeds. From then on, the river wouldn't flood the city anymore, and it brought resources to Moonlit City instead of disaster. After that point, citizens of Moonlit City would always put blessing words on their door in order to wish for the new year.[4]

Year 680 Edit

Nikki and her friends visited Moonlit City to go to Lunar's family's business, the Silk Shop. While there, they discovered Lunar was gone, allegedly taken by the Mayor, and saw Mela robbing the silk shop of its remaining spices.[5] Determined to save Lunar, they ran across a man named Orlando in Moonlit City, who was also investigating the suspicious activity, and went to confront the mayor.[6][7] However, Lunar was safe with the Mayor, and they revealed that they set up a plot to make sure the Iron Rose left without stealing anything important[1].

Locations Edit

Silk Shop Edit

The Silk Shop (绫家绢坊, Líng jiā juàn fāng), Lunar's family's business, is known for producing a unique fabric called Cloud Calico,[8] as well as quality incense.[3] During the year 680, the Iron Rose robbed the Silk Shop when Lunar was not there, taking all the spices they could find.[5] However, due to careful planning and cooperation between Lunar, her mother, and the Mayor, they did not end up stealing anything of great value.[1]

Mayor's Mansion Edit

The Mayor's Mansion was where Lunar stayed with the Mayor while they pretended to let the Iron Rose steal from the Silk Shop. Orlando was able to enter without needing permission, due to being a government official from Apple.

Moonlit Park Edit

Moonlit Park (月下游乐场, Yuè xià yóulè chǎng) is a bustling area where there are lots of activities and events, such as stands selling food and traditional magic shows. Once, an tanghulu eating contest called Food Fighter: King's Return was held there. General Yue Qianshuang competed in it and won, despite not realizing it was a food eating match when she signed up.[3]

Moon Pavilion Edit

The Moon Pavilion (对影亭, Duì yǐng tíng) is a pavilion located on a cliff that overlooks a landscape of lakes and mountains. It is considered a good place to overlook the full moon reflecting on the lake.[3]

Additional Locations Edit

  • Tofu shop[9]
  • Inn[9]
  • Gate to Moonlit City, which contains a tower with red lanterns hanging from it[10]
  • River (formerly), which was filled with muddy water and had bare banks[4]

Map Edit

Cloud Empire

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Moonlit City
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 月下城 (Yuè xià chéng)
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Thành Ánh Trăng
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Moonlit City

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