Moon in Cloud
Moon in Cloud
Some may still remember the White Knight fought off the enemy with a folding fan 3 years ago. Bai Yongxi wears his jade pendant now.
Physical and Vital Information
Character: Bai Yongxi
Color(s): White/Turquoise/Grey
Obtained by: User's Shop

Moon in Cloud (also known as Clear Cloud Moon) is a Dream Illusion suit that can be obtained from the User's Shop for 870 Diamond from March 25, 2019 to April 24, 2019, and 1088 Diamond after April 24th.

Wardrobe Edit

Lore Edit

The most gorgeous is the moon in the sky, the most handsome is the man named Bai Yongxi.
Moon in the Cloud

Many still remembered the hero in white who defeated enemies with a fan. And Bai Yongxi now wears his jade.
Spring Breeze

I'm afraid today is the last day. But there is no need to be sad, bottom up! Said the nameless hero.
A Drunken Dream

Time flies. He is no longer a young man. He fought to change his fate.
Young Elite

Born in the Dragon family, the fate is to devote himself to the court, the nation.
Age's Prosperity

When Bai Yongxi was young, he travels around the world with a fan; Later, he managed the world.
Majestic Ocean

Trivia Edit

The suit's image says "Clear Cloud Moon", but the name in-game is Moon in Cloud.

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