The Moon Festival event ran from July 7th to July 13th, 2017.

It's said that a celestial Luna guards the night of Cloud, Every summer when the moonlight is clearest, her three bunny angels will come to Miraland to collect materials for Luna's bless rite. Help them collect Moon Knots to exchange for cute bunny suits.
— Event text

How to Play Edit

The recipes for the Luna Angel suit was given to the play through the mail.

CollectMoonKnotIcon (Moon Knots) by completing Journey stages. The drops were randomized; sometimes resulting in noMoonKnotIconto be dropped.

Use theMoonKnotIconto craft the Luna Angel suit. In order to obtain the recolored versions, the suit would need to be crafted three times.

Suit Edit

Amount needed to complete suit: 190 MoonKnotIcon


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