Monsoon,[1] also known as Clear Sky After Rain, is a Hidden Suit that could be obtained by buying the Monsoon Pack at the Boutique from July 25th to July 31st, 2019 for $0.99 USD. It came with 50 VIP Exp and 50 Diamond.

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I'm going out with the senior I had a crush on today. It's not a date. We'll buy some materials for school.
Unrequited Love in June

Hope I could see more of his gentle smiles in the future. My secret crush seems to have to continue...
Iridescent Smile

It suddenly rained when we met. He held up a huge umbrella and covered me inside.
Clear Sky After Rain

Actually, I had a folding umbrella in my bag but I lied to him that I didn't have one. Promise you won't tell him!

We shared one umbrella shoulder to shoulder. The close distance than usual made me hear him quite clearly.
Raindrop Gem

My heart went pit-a-pat but it didn't matter. The sound of raindrops would cover it!
Heartbeat and Raindrop

Soon the rain stopped and a rainbow shows in the sky. The rainbow seems to dye his shoulder brighter.
Frogs' Blessing

He smiled so gently when he saw the snails and frogs. The biology students are really fond of these small animals!
Small Snail

I'm seeing senior now! I hoped for a sunny day, but now I think a rainy day is not bad. Thank you, rain doll!
Rain Doll

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  1. The name Monsoon is unofficial. The suit was sold as part of the Monsoon Pack.

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