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Momo is one of the main characters of the game and a friend of Nikki's who assists her. He is a small, fat, and sarcastic cat obsessed with grilled fish.



Momo is a white cat with a sarcastic expression and a slightly pudgy belly. He has a single lock of light brown hair and wears a gold hood held with a red bow.

It's stated by Nikki that although Momo has the form of a talking cat, he isn't really a cat. Instead, she describes him as "this yellow-cape-wearing, fat... Momo".[11][12]


Momo is generally nice, but like most cats Momo can be sassy and a bit greedy when it comes to his food[13] or his pride. He is helpful and prideful, but the type to bluntly point out the fault in others. He also makes many comments on the beauty of the girls around him,[14][15] and seems especially attached to Nikki's friend Lunar.

Origin Edit

Nikki got Momo in a pet market on Earth over three years before they traveled to Miraland. At first, she thought Momo was a white baby bear instead of a cat. Momo lived in Nikki's house with her until they both traveled to Miraland together.[16]

Momo's family, especially his great-great grandfather, seemed to have knowledge of Miraland, though Momo didn't seem to believe it himself until he saw it for the first time.[6]



Nikki and Momo are close friends. He can be quite teasing towards her, and he makes fun of her mercilessly when she tries to design clothing.[17] However, he follows her through thick and thin and always helps her with her styling.


He and Bobo often bicker over silly things and make fun of each other,[18][19] but it becomes clear they do care for each other.[20][21] Momo even admits when she looks pretty.[22][23]

When she left the group, he was very upset, crying over the letter she left. When Kimi questioned Bobo's motives, he defended her fiercely, saying that her reactions were genuine and she could not possibly be bad.[24]


Momo gained a crush on her,[25] and when her mirror shadow in the Flower Field took on a playful persona, she called Momo "kitten".[2] When her normal self returned, Momo requested her that she call him it again.[26] He also loved her cooking.[27]

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Momo
France Flag International (French) Momo
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 大喵 (Da Miao)
Taiwanese Flag Hong Kong Flag Macau Flag Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional) 可可 (Koko)
Japanese Flag Japan モモ (Momo)
Korean Flag South Korea 모모 (Momo)
Vietnam Flag Vietnam MuMu
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Momo
Thailand Flag Thailand โมโม่ (Momo)

Trivia Edit

  • In Japanese, Momo (桃) means peach.
  • In many of the earlier promotional materials for the game on the official Facebook page, it was said that Momo enjoyed eating bacon rather than grilled fish.[28]
  • In the Chinese version, Momo's favorite food is pork belly.
  • Momo hates math because it's too hard for a cat.[29] However, he is good at English.[30]
  • Momo did not have a visible belly button until the third game (Love Nikki).

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