Miss Bone

Miss Bone Day

Miss Bone NightI didn't know what was crying. It must be rain that wet my face.

Physical and Vital Information
Type: Story Suit
Gallery: Ghost Gathering



Obtained by: Ghost Gathering Event
Completion Reward:
Styling Gift Box

40 Diamond
Special Video
Exclusive Story. (See Lore)

Miss Bone is a Story Suit that could be obtained from the Ghost Gathering Event. It is a transformable suit and changes forms at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm every day.

Suit Completion Reward: 40 Diamond, special video and story.


Alternate Series (Pose)Edit


In the night when moonlight is dim, the alley was full of shadows and scary, pointed things.

He wanted to hold her hand, but when he turned to reach for it, she happened to move aside, her white dress fluttering slightly.

Blushing, he pulls back his hand and smiles awkwardly at her.

‘We'd better hurry up, this alley is dangerous.’

‘But why?’ asked the girl, her voice as soft and sweet as sugar.

The boy knew he shouldn’t tell her, as time was of the essence, but his love for her made him indulge in her curiosity.

Lowering his voice, he answered. ‘There are ghosts that inhabit this alley. They lurk in the shadows where the moonlight cannot reach, and eat all passers-by.’

‘Really?’ she asked as she followed him. ‘Do you truly believe in this ghost story?’

The boy turned to her and, with a solemn look, only said, ‘I'm willing to fight off any ghosts that come our way.’

Hearing this valiant oath, the girl couldn't help but giggle sweetly, her face obscured by her open parasol.

‘Adora...why is your parasol open so late at night?’

The girl realized this, and replied,

‘Oh, I must have forgotten to fold it.’ Her voice crooned like a nightingale's. She folded her lace umbrella and let the moon shine upon her body and dress, giving off an eerie luminescence.

She's now but a pale skeleton in a girl's dress. She reached out to touch the boy's face with her bony hand.

‘You don't have to fight off any ghosts for little ol' me,’ said the pleasant voice emanating from the rattling skeleton's jaw.

‘Just close your eyes and be nice as I devour you where you stand!’

The city is still rife with stories of people being devoured by ghosts.

Adora's eyelids fluttered like a butterfly poised to take off.

The officers could only send more men to protect her, as suitors of all kinds approached her. Young men displayed their weapons and martial prowess before her, while wealthy businessmen offered her expensive gifts of rose bouquets and jewelry. Poets and other scholars penned long and beautiful poems in her name, day and night, waxing lyrical of her beauty and their affection for her.

‘Don't be afraid. Even without weapons or armor, I will protect you with my body.’

A timid smile appeared on her face.

‘I trust you.’

Adora didn't know how to refuse any of them, so they all believed themselves to be the closest to winning her heart.

She was like a beautiful, dew-covered gardenia in bloom, one that needed tender and constant care. Everyone was so enamored by her beauty; they chased her like chasing the only ray of moonlight in the dark.

Everyone has a girl of their dreams, she was that girl for them.

Slender and delicate, but unbendingly strong-willed even in the face of unknown terrors.

Once, when a young man was escorting her home, he disappeared in an alley and was never seen again.

All that was left of him to bury were his clothes, mysteriously left behind.

As she laid some lilies upon his tomb, she clasped her hands in prayer.

‘I will find the murderer,’ she silently promised him.

A frail flower like her, looking into the darkness for the culprit;it was a heart-wrenching sight for any to behold. The exorcists came to her, one by one, assuring her of her safety so long as they were allowed to guard her.

A kind, young man brought her a stack of information; upon holding it up, a fragrant love letter addressed to Adora fell out of the stack.

Unfurrowing her brow, she smiled shyly.

Late at night, Adora picked up a pen and drew a gardenia on the map she was given, marking the largest house in the city: the famous Yoo's Mansion.

The young lady of Yoo’s Mansion was a well-known philanthropist. She ran a charitable institution to house orphans and the poor. Everyone praised her kindness, but no one knew what really happened to the large number of people living inside its walls.

‘It's strange.’

Adora rotated her parasol in her hands as she sang a song on her way home, leaving the boy who brought her information in the shadow behind.

The fresh, living blood flowing through her veins was full of love, putting her in a pleasant mood she hadn't felt before.

She may just meet her soon...the real lord of this city


One is not living nor dead, one doesn't age nor die. A master of all the underworld creatures...

Miss Stitch, lady of Yoo's Mansion.

The full moon in the sky moves slowly, gradually changing the angle of the moonlight.

Her parasol could not completely shield her from the light, and half of her face was exposed to the moon. It revealed original, skeletal form just beneath her fresh, youthful skin.

Adora had suddenly decided to make friends with Lady Stitch.

She found a shabby ragdoll on the street and set herself to mending it.

Sewing the bones, injecting it with blood, and sealing its soul...

After the final stitch, the doll's mouth moved and began to sing a soundless tune.

Adora kissed the doll on its delicate cheek and carefully wrap it up.

I pray that this gift allows us to meet in a dream-like wonderland.

For this is the only way I know to end your being.

Adora was so happy and excited that the doll, apparently sensing it, began to wink playfully at her.

Bone & Blood

Woke up from eternal sleep
Revived from silent darkness
The dusk shadow falls
I wear my nightgown
When fate withered
In the bone cage
A flower of evil blooms

She is like a delicate and charming flower. People are fascinated by her beauty and chase after her.

Do you love me? Do you love my skin? Do you love your fantasy dream or my soul?
Bone Allure

The bone flower waits for the prey silently. The old man warns: wait for the sunrise and see the flower doze
Miss Bone

Adora was so slender and delicate, but she is always strong when she faces unknown fear.

Ravens pursue the smell of corpses, just like boys pursue girls. Adora never refuses them

She doesn't know love, so the burning love others have for her becomes her weapon. How boring and stupid
Dark Crown

Compared to Stitch, Adora seems much kinder. She is the budding gardenia in everyone's dream
Bone Pendant

The boy who escorted her home went missing. She rubbed the tears, swearing to find the monster lurking in dark.
Soul Bone Dream

How kind and brave is her. People search every corner and bring her all kinds of clues. She thanks them all
Bone Within

Daytime failed to arrive on that day. Dawn is excluded from the city and the inside is like hell
Flurried Soul

Carriages without passengers passed by swiftly, and rumbling wheels took an elusive dream away. She is gone
Beauty Village

It's starting to rain in the misty night, washing away the pain in the past. The rain and dark hide the city
Bone Grave

On that day, Adora went missing. Like she was never here. Nobody remembers her elegant figure and smile
Prison of Life and Death

The first ray of sunshine shone on her face, and she realized this eternity is but endless nights of dark
Bone Painting

Bone portrayed a beautiful skin, a blade she uses to pursue life and blood.

The blood of lovers is hot and nothing is sweeter. I will become more beautiful, just in the way you love.
Bone Allure

The bone flower thirsts for the bath of blood. The old man warns: wait for sunset and see the flower blooms
Miss Bone

The night wind was cold, and the moonlight, like a knife, gouged out my flesh. What I fear is only death.

I heard the story of Underworld Lord. She is the master of the ghosts, and has endless power and immortality

She controlled the whole city, and every night moonlight would be swallowed by her despair.
Dark Crown

Even the puppets she made are so sad. I somehow want to slit her heart and plunder the sweet pain.
Bone Pendant

The doll broke into her dream. I saw her past. She was so vulnerable, who dragged her into this abyss?
Soul Bone Dream

I mended the broken doll, what's more, it has a white finger bone in its belly.
Bone Within

I see the evil growing in men's heart. They greedily exploit her talent, yet banish her when she's in despair
Flurried Soul

I won. Her puppets, immortality, everything, are mine. But she's to leave the world and we'll never meet
Beauty Village

She opened eyes, and the long dark dream fell apart. The breath of life returned, but next is the real death
Bone Grave

I went to her grave in the rain and held her hand. Go, leave this nightmare. No one will hurt you. You’re free
Prison of Life and Death

I never know crying. It must be raindrops on my face. I tried to catch her, but only caught the raindrop
Bone Painting

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